WHY collect passports?

28 September, 2010

Well… Every collector will tell another reasons why to collect passports. I tell you my reasons.

  1. History I do collect mainly old passports and they tell a story. A history of their owner and a history of their travelling. Please imagine who was travelling just 100 years ago to countries like Japan, USA or Switzerland? Travelling at that time was not that easy and took quite some time beside the costs. Travelling was still mainly done by land and sea. Now imagine 150 years back in time…who and how was travelling then?
  2. "Art" For me a old passport is a piece of art. Look at the hand writing, pictures, revenues stamps, rubber stamps and visas. Its just unique and colorful. Even the passport as travel document itself (a blank passport) is art. Look at the cover, the paper quality, the watermark…

TELL me YOUR reason why YOU collect old passports…make your post…

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