Rare Hungarian Passport 1948/49

27 June, 2011

When it comes to Hungarian passports and their history I belive Marco is the “source”. He is Hungarian national and has a broad and deep knowledge on this topic. This very rare type which was issued only for 2 year from 1948-49. According Marco passport rules after WWII were very strict and documents in circulation was rather low. In addition it was mandatory to return the passport after it was expired.

There are 2 types about this type. The issuing authority may be different – see the pictures of the rubber stamp below.
  1. A magyar államrendőrség budapesti főkapitánysága
    (The Hungarian capital Budapest, state police captain)
  2. Belügyminisztérium Államvédelmi Hatóság (ÁVH)
    (State Protection Authority)

The highest serial number seen yet is: 015868

Thanks Marco for this nice contribution.

ENJOY the gallery…

HUNGARY Tildy 1948/49


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