Collectors Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam

15 August, 2011

Our fellow collector Gil had recently a trip to Hanoi / Vietnam and I introduced him to Viet also a fellow collector of mine but with focuses on Vietnam Army (Medals, Orders, Badges, Uniforms, Hat caps,…), Vietnam postage stamps and banknotes. He has his own private museum in Hanoi and was frequently present with his collection/museum  in the Vietnamese media especially in magazins and newspapers but also in TV. The collection from Viet is unique and he has excellent knowledge about this topic. As side effect he owns also a lot of Vietnamese passports which he also sell at eBay. It’s a pity that I couldn’t join Gil and Viet in this collector’s meeting even when I was just 2 flight hours far away in Bangkok but my schedule didn’t fit to this appointment. Both told me they had a great time together including an exciting motorbike trip on the busy streets of Hanoi. If you are visiting Hanoi take your time and visit Viet and his private museum – with pleasure he will show you his collection. Get a brief impression on the above pictures. (Thanks Gil for the pictures)

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