Promoting passport collecting II

6 October, 2011

Another sunday at a local flea market was as successful as the last one…and even better. The dealer I met last time kept his promisse and came to me with 3 passports.

  • Switzerland, Canton Geneva 1853
  • Swiss ID-Crad 1944
  • Replacement passport issued by “Die Deutsche Interessenvertretung in der Schweiz”
    (The German lobby in Switzerland), 1948 (with 2 visa + revenues of the AMG office in Berne/Switzerland) – which is a rare piece

He was interested in some of my displayed passports and we just swaped our documents – great!

Furthermore, thanks to the input of 2 fellow collectors, I could answer AGAIN the questions about the “suspicious blue Swiss passport” – which was in fact a early Greece passport ;-)

The audience was interested and I could sell some more passports and could get in contact with some interested people. All in all another good day in promoting passport collecting.

I will write more about the passports in detail later…

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