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Most Rare German Empire Passport For My Collection

8 November, 2013

For a passport collector like me aiming to get the German Empire States complete it was a great joy to fill a huge gap by acquiring this most rare type from the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. This passport type is not only extremely rare but it comes also in a excellent condition. The passport was issued 1890 for Eduard Ephraimson and his wife Pauline. Eduard was 47 years old...

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Scottish Passport For The National Museum of Scotland

1 November, 2013

Thomas C. Archer was appointed as Director of The Industrial Museum of Scotland …in 1860 and occupied this position until 1864. In 1864, in anticipation of a major new building opening to house the growing museum, the Museum was renamed the ‘Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art’. Archer’s job title then changed to be Director of the Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art, a post he held until his...

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Airship Hindenburg Disaster – Passport & Passenger Ticket

28 October, 2013

Airship Hindenburg Disaster – Passenger Ticket And Passport Burtis J. “Bert” Dolan’s passenger ticket and passport survived the final flight and disaster of the German zeppelin Hindenburg. Through the courtesy of the Burtis J. Dolan family archive, the ticket is now on exhibit in the Smithsonian National Postal Museum exhibition Fire & Ice: Hindenburg and Titanic. The ticket, #2398, was purchased from the Zeppelin operating company only two days...

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22 October, 2013

Saar / German border abolished, West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) LS cars passing through border line. CU map of area being marked with pencil. CU pile of bricks, pan to mechanical grab. CU of man digging on side of road, pan to traffic passing. LS large house. Various shots of cars passing through border line. Various shots street scenes: shoppers, shop windows, tram passing. West German Prime Minister...

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19 October, 2013

Boundary between Saarland (later part of Germany) and France – 30.01.1935 Pan across following bridge over river. Policemen check passport of man traveling in car over bridge. Police check papers of man walking across bridge. Sign on wall ‘Kleinblittersdorf’. (Place on Saar side of border). Car drives past border post. Border guard. Car at border. Cars have to be checked on both side of the boundary.

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Historical Atlas Of The British Empire and Commonwealth

16 October, 2013

Historical Atlas Of The British Empire and Commonwealth To fully appreciate the significance of the Commonwealth, Britain’s global position, it is important to understand its origins from the British Empire.  Technically, there have been three empires, the first in France, lost by 1558; the second in North America, which became the United States of America after 1776; and the third was global, which became the modern Commonwealth of Nations...

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15 October, 2013

SIR W. CHURCHILL US-CITIZENSHIP Washington D.C., United States of America (USA) & London – 15.04.1963 In 1963 Sir Winston Churchill was honored by President J.F.K. with honory US citizenship. You can see how this special passport is handed over to Churchill’s son during the proclamation. Unfortunately you don’t see the document in detail. Wonder where this passport is today? White House. Guests assembled for the Proclamation of Sir Winston...

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12 October, 2013

YES, it’s only a copy but I think it is still interesting and worth to display the “early” ROLLING STONES. This limited “Passport copy” was issued for a fan club and according to the seller it was randomly found in a basement. A cool finding…

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UNMIK Travel Document

9 October, 2013
UNMIK 2001 & 2007 A-001-r100

An UNMIK Travel Document was a passport-sized document used to foreign travel for residents of Kosovo who were not able to obtain a passport from Yugoslavia.The document was issued by the UNMIK from 2000till 2008. After the government of Kosovo started to issue their own passports, the UNMIK ceased issuing them. Existing documents retained their validity until expiry (the last ones expired in 2010). The travel document was not...

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Samuel Colt And His Passports

6 October, 2013
samuel colt

Samuel Colt a native of Hartford, Connecticut, is known as one of the greatest inventors and industrialists of the nineteenth century. He amassed a fortune manufacturing his well-known revolvers in Hartford and selling them in the United States and abroad. I stumbled upon a small batch of documents that includes four of his passports. Two of the passports were issued in 1849 (one from the US Legation in England...

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