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The Passport From Princess Natalja Of Montenegro Is Back To It`s Family

13 June, 2013

By Géraldine Cerf de Dudzeele, Paris My grandmother was imposed her first marriage with Prince Mirko Petrovic-Njegos for the sake of political aims concerning Serbia and Montenegro. At that time, she was in love with her future second husband, my grandfather, Gaston Errembault de Dudzeele, who lived in Belgrade with his two sisters because his father was the Belgian ambassador to Serbia (1890-1898). Her husband made her unhappy because...

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Moonwalker Charlie Duke

12 June, 2013
moonwalker charlie duke

Another outstanding collectible from Bill – Congratulation! From my personal collection of space flight memorabilia: Terrestrial passport issued to NASA astronaut and Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke. Astronaut Charles Duke was capcom during the Apollo 11 mission. His is the voice you recall saying, “Roger, Twank… Tranquility, we copy you on the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing again. Thanks a lot!”...

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The Last Nazi-Germany Passport?

10 June, 2013
Germany Alien 5 April 1945small

“Is this the last Nazi-Germany passport?”. Trough my website I always get many requests from people around the world looking asking for support. A reader from Canada sent me a message including the pictures of this Nazi-Germany Alien Passport and was asking “Is this the last Nazi-Germany passport?”. Well, I believe the change is high that this document is truly one of the very last issued passports. As you...

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Replacement Passport – Germany / Switzerland

9 June, 2013

On May 11, 1945 just three days after the German capitulation the US-Missions in Bern, Stockholm and Madrid requested access to the German Diplomatic Archives. A “diplomatic note” to Switzerland was sent 5 weeks later on June 18th 1945 when the “Deutsche Interessenvertretung in der Schweiz” (German Interest Section in Switzerland) was already established. The “Deutsche Interessenvertretung in der Schweiz” was a unique construct as it was established as...

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Albert Einstein Ministerialpass (Departmental Passport)

8 June, 2013
Albert Einstein Ministerialpass (Departmental Passport)

Well, I guess most collector’s don’t know that Albert Einstein held a German “Ministerialpass” (Departmental Passport). I was discovering this fact while investigating on another Ministerialpass. His passport is dated 11/18/1930 and issued for Einstein as member of the International Commission for Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations by the German Foreign Office. Total of 32 pages, 9 of them are specified or stamped. I found this information...

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The Brest Ghetto Passport Collection

3 June, 2013
The Brest Ghetto Passport Collection

The Brest Ghetto Passport Collection consists of documents prepared at the order of the Nazi authorities after the capture of Brest in the summer of 1941. All Jews of 14 years of age and above living in the Brest Ghetto were required to obtain and sign for identity papers, which included their names, ages, and the names and dates of birth of their parents. A photo of each person...

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Refugee Documents – Post War Germany

20 May, 2013

This extensive lot of Refugee documens which I got recently is a awesome Refugee story about a Estonian couple in early post war Germany emigrating to USA after waiting five years in Refugee camps in Germany managed by International Refugee Organization (IRO). There are dozens of handwritten letters in Estonian language which I can’t read but many documents in English or German and from the IRO and War Relief...

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A Passport To Britain Signed By Napoleon Bonaparte

18 May, 2013

A passport to Britain signed by Napoleon Bonaparte – Emperor of France document signed ‘N’ with a flourish dated March 1812 being a passport for a 13 year old girl named Louise Nouzel from Lisbon giving her permission to travel to travel to Britain via either Ostend or Dunkirk. Partially printed document on a single leaf of vellum approx 15×10 ins with ms insertions including a description of the...

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Nazi Germany Passport Of A (Concentration) Camp Leader

14 May, 2013

NS-Germany Passport 1944 issued in August 1943 to Ingeborg Bünzel who was a female Waffen-SS member and “Camp leader”, probably of a concentration camp. The document has some interesting entries and stamp and was 3 times renewed by the personal staff office of the Reichsführer-SS which is very unusual! The front-and back cover of the passport are loose and almost all stamps inside had been denazified.

Page 1:
Name of Ingeborg Irmgard Bünzel and a stamp by the Police President of Wesermünde. This stamp is not denazified.

Page 2:
Signature by Ingeborg Bünzel as well as stamp with signature by a Police Inspector of the Secret State Police President of Wesermünde. The name of the Inspctor was Carius. The photo of Ingeborg Bünzel was unfortunately removed.

Page 3:
Personal description of Ingeborg Bünzel such as:

Occupation: camp leader
Birth place: Wilhelmshaven
Birthday: 4.10.1926
Residence: Wesermünde
Shape: middle
Face: oval
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blond
Special marks: at the right and the left leg, scar at the knee

Page 4:
Large stamp print “National and Abroad”

This passport expire on 23. August 1944 – The Police President in Weseremünde, 24. August 1943, Police Inspector Carius

Page 5:
Renewal of the passport. Three stamps by the Reichsführer-SS – personal staff of the Reichsführer. The passport was renewed in November 1944 and in February 1945. On the third stamp print is a note which I can not read. The renewals by SS are quite unusual!

Page 6:
Large stamp in Slovenia language, signed in Berlin on 31.12.1943. Below is the stamp by the Slovenia Consulate in Berlin

Page 7:
Large Visa stamp as well as two stamp prints by the German Reich foreign office. Red control stamp by the Bratislava border and stamp by the German border police Vienna at the Reich bridge. Blown up in 1945 by order of Hitler. Large “Invalid” stamp

Page 8:
Large Visa stamp from Slovakia as well as three other stamps.

Page 9:
Visa stamp, consulate stamp and large “Invalid” stamp.

Page 10:
Visa stamp and red stamp from the “Generalgouvernement Bohemia & Moravia”. Stamp of the German boarder Police.

Page 11:
Large red stamp from Slovenia as well as three control stamps.

The passport was offered at eGreedy but was canceled by eGreedy censors. When I was contacting the German seller he already sold it to a collector in Argentina. Even in this bad condition the passport is  a quite interesting historical document. At least it’s documented and archived here at the website.


GDR Passport Typewriter “Erika”, ca. 1970

11 May, 2013
Typewriter Erika 1970s

What a cool collectible and it’s in new condition – never used! At auction in Germany. Starting price is €80. GDR Passport Typewriter “Erika”, c. 1970 Description: For completion of driver’s licenses, passports etc. by the GDR officials. Made by Robotron, Dresden. – Never used, absolutely new. DDR-Paß-Schreibmaschine “Erika”, um 1970. Zur Beschriftung von Ausweisen, Führerscheinen, Reisepässen der DDR-Behörden. Hersteller: Robotron, Dresden. – Ungebraucht, absolut neuwertig.  

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