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IRAQ passport 1961 with several East German visa

12 September, 2012
Iraq 1961

Just got this interesting document. Iraq passport (Republic of Iraq) issued 1961 in Prague. The passport has several East German visas which is interesting for me as German collector. All visas were given shortly before and after the day when the wall was build (Aug 14th 1961). What a interesting historical document! Love it! Enjoy the gallery…   IRAQ1961 Republic of Iraq …issued June 1961 in Prague …for a...

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Brief History Of The Palestine Passport

4 September, 2012

There should be a distinguishing separation from 2 periods of time that such travel papers where issued and the type that were issued. First period of time was from 1918-1920, the period of British Military rule or authority in just-liberated-Palestine from Ottoman Turkish rule (about 400 years). During this period of time a Laissez-Passer was issued by the military authorities in the region, most likely the EEF (Egypt Expeditionary...

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History Resources – The Shapell Manuscript Foundation

16 June, 2012
Lincolns last days

For each collector it is crucial to have knowledge about history, especially on the items you are collecting. During some research I found this excellent website. In my opinion they presenting history in a very dynamic and touching way. I love the video “Lincoln`s Last Days”. The Shapell Manuscript Foundation is an independent educational organization dedicated to the collection and research of original manuscripts and historical documents. The foundation’s...

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Swiss Collective Passport 1951

5 June, 2012

Collective passports and visas are extraordinary. Nowadays they are not longer issued as each individual needs it`s own document. This example I got from my Swiss fellow collector Ernst. To meet up with Ernst is always a pleasure as we understand each others needs and we do just a swap – no money involved. So I got from him this very nice collective passport for a Swiss gymnastic club....

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Passport issued by Count Friedrich von Zeppelin 1828

2 June, 2012

I am very delighted to share with you this outstanding document which I could only acquire by support of a great fellow collector. Theo, you are the best! Again you made it possible! I wish I could do something for you soon too. Another great example of collector`s collaboration. You really contribute to our collector`s community in the very best way! Unfortunately there are others not understanding the value...

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Diplomatic Passport Grand Duke Friedrich Franz Of Mecklenburg 1907

22 May, 2012
von Rieben Passport

Well, I am quite excited to won this magnificent document at a small German auction house for a rather inexpensive price. Mecklenburg is hard to find and this piece is not only in great condition but it is also a diplomatic passport issued on special order of Grand Duke Friedrich Franz for Caroline von Rieben (nee von Bülow), widow of famous German Lieutenant General Julius von Rieben (Director of...

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The Nansen Passport

4 May, 2012

  has a good website abou te Nansen passport. The idea for the Nansen passport came from a representative from the International Red Cross, Edouard August Frick. In the autumn of 1921, he proposed an identity card that could work as a passport recognized through international agreements. Frick named it “the Nansen passport”. Hugh McKinnon, second in command in the League of Nations’ legal department, handled the details. The...

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German Passport Regulations (1936 & 1960)

20 April, 2012
Handbuch für den Zolldienst (DDR)

Lucky to find 2 other books on German passport regulation which gives us passport collectors a better understanding of our items of desire…  

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The German Passport System 1925, Johannes Krause

13 April, 2012
Passrecht1925 (Small)-r72

When it comes to literature on passports we all know it is quite difficult to find relevant sources. I was lucky to find to old and rare books on the German passport system. This book has not only the full content of the passport law at that time but it does explain the passport system much more in detail, including several further documents which where normaly just for “internal...

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Benito Mussolini Passport 1922

10 April, 2012

Benito Mussolini Passport Picture (Press Photo) It seems his old passport was offered in 1922 for a sale price of £500(!) Interesting press photo…see full describtion on the pictures below…   Thanks to the input from Jonathan Pile (see comments) I can add the following very interesting facts. …Montgomery Hyde in his observations on Maundy Gregory’s trial in 1933, noted that “Among the curiosities of his collection were an...

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