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A Unique East German Passport

DDR cover

East German (GDR) passports are an interesting collection field, especially for me as German. Latest models are still frequently available after 25 years of unification. But THIS one showed here is special if not unique. The document was issued on…



WOW! WHAT A HISTORICAL DOCUMENT! LAKEHURST DISASTER! What you see here is the US passport of Airship Passengers – Mr. & Mrs. Brown flying to Frankfurt, Germany on “LZ 129 Hindenburg7th North American FlightAugust 17-19 / 20-22, 1936″ LZ 129…

Passport To Freedom

Haiti passport 1930

View and read the great story of a Jewish family escaping the Nazis in Berlin by purchasing land in Haiti. In this way they were granted a Haitian passport! A less known possibility and escape route when it comes to…