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Rare Swiss Passport 1942 Issued In Berlin

Switzerland 1942 Berlin-008

This document is a rare testimony of Swiss citizens in Berlin / Germany during WWII. Learn more about the document itself, the Swiss Embassy in Berlin at those days and about the work of the Swiss repatriation delegation after the…

Imperial Korean Passport


1905 Imperial Korean passport The passport shown here was issued by the Imperial Korean Foreign Office in Seoul on the 27th day of the 3rd month of the 9th year of 光武 (E Kwangmu, F Kwangmon). As a solar date…

Early Israeli Passport 1953

not valid for germany

Interesting Early Israeli Passport 1953 – Not Valid For Germany Over the years I collected several Israeli passports including the old British Palestine passports but not often you find such early types with a stamp „Not valid for Germany“ in…