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Richard Ellis’s Life In 15 Passports

9 April, 2014
15 passports

Text & Pictures by Krissy Ellis, Kuwait I got in touch with Krissy while she was posting a picture of twelve UK passports and this pic made me curious, so I contacted her. Krissy was so kind to write about her father’s life who was working as “Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver” in the Middle East. For sure a challenging job at such places and time. Here is his story...

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Why Paul Robeson Loses Appeal Over His Passport?

6 April, 2014
Paul Robeson (abc_net_au)

Paul Leroy Robeson was exceptional in most things he did. He was a footballer par excellence at Rutgers University and an internationally acclaimed singer, theater personally and a dedicated civil rights activist in the U.S.. The latter day U.S. saw his merit in its true light and issued a postage stamp in his honor in 2004 but in 1955, his application for renewal of his passport was rejected by...

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USN Commander James V. Rowney – Pearl Harbor / Midway

4 April, 2014
USA Special 1955 for a Commander

Not often you find a passport like this! It’s not only a pretty US Special Passport (1955) in almost mint and unused condition but it belonged once to a WWII (Pearl Harbor & Midway) and Korea war experienced US Navy Commander. James Victor Rowney was born (November 11, 1917) in Baltimore, MD. Rowney belonged to the Maryland National Guard (1935-1937) and U.S. Naval Reserve (1937). He received an appointment...

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Sugihara & Zwartendijk Visas On One Travel Document

29 March, 2014
Silberberg 1940

Sugihara & Zwartendijk – two of eighteen righteous diplomats which took enormous personal risks to rescue Jews and others facing persecution and peril. They were true heroes; indeed, they were among the foremost human rights defenders of their day. Due their actions thousands could escape Nazi Holocaust. Since I am collecting passports I was always interested in protection letters/passports and visas saving Jewish lifes. Thanks to my global network...

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Harbin (China) Passports Before Japanese Occupation

27 March, 2014
No 231

(Text and pictures from our fellow collector Neil K., Israel) One of the most exciting, disturbing and historically important part of the conflict in Asia, during the 20th century, was the invasion of North East China in 1931 by Japan. And, without any consideration of the events before and after, travel was always important, to and from the region.Here we can find two interesting travel documents: A passport issued...

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The Earliest Passport Of The Federal Republic Of Germany

18 March, 2014
Germany_BRD 1951 Feb-009-r100

Recently I could acquire the earliest Federal Germany passport – issued on 15 February 1951, just 14 days after the Allied Military Government for Germany gave back the power to Federal Germany to issue passports. The printing date of the passport document at the back of the cover indicates 12/50 which means printed December 1950. So far truly the earliest passport by the young Federal Republic of Germany. The...

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The World’s Smallest Countries

15 March, 2014

These are the world’s 20 smallest counties by population. I have / had 50% of them covered by a sample of their travel document. A San Marino just went into a collection of a Swiss fellow collector and so in the past Vatican, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Micronesia and Kiribati. Currently I still have TONGA and MARSHALL ISLANDS available! Imagine these nations issued just between 900 and 177,000 passports to their...

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German Passport 1940, Tientsin

12 March, 2014
Germany Tientsin Aug 1945-001-r100

THIS is absolutely a super rare German passport issued by the Nazis 1940 in TIENTSIN, CHINA! Look at the huge Chinese stamp with Swastika. The passport was issued to 26 year young Marianna Gosewisch. As you see in the document details she was even born in China 1914. Her passport was valid till 13 August 1945 but was once more renewed by the “GERMAN OFFICE” in TIENTSIN until 13...

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List Of Passports

10 March, 2014

Wikipedia did a awesome job by listing and displaying passports of almost all countries in the world (current and extinct). If you follow their country links you may even learn more about the history of a countries passport as some articles go more into deep. At the same time you can see which countries are using ePassports today and which not. The newest passport by the way is South...

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James Earl Ray Fake Canadian Passport – Assassin of Martin Luther King

8 March, 2014
Martin Luther King - The fake passport used by James Earl Ray

When it became known back in 1968 that Martin Luther King assassin James Earl Ray had secured a Canadian passport to escape the FBI, it was another embarrassment for the Canadian passport office and External Affairs. Add Ray to the list of famous spies and assassins who used a Canadian passport to get around. James Earl Ray’s photo on a fake passport issued to one of his aliases, Ramon...

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