Mobile Passport Control USA

13 March, 2015

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has launched the Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app, which allows travellers to submit their passport information and customs declaration form via smartphone or tablet upon arrival at the airport, prior to inspection by a CBP officer. The first-of-its-kind iOS app is being trialled by passengers arriving in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and can be used by iPhone and iPad users. Travelers just need...

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Passport Application Album 1917

10 March, 2015
hawaii pp book

At the beginning of the 20th century Hawaii sugar plantation owners began recruiting Russian workers. Perhaps as many as 2,000 Russians and Ukrainians came to Hawaii. The album contains the passport applications of 165 persons from Hawaii who wished to return to Russia following the Revolution of 1917. Each person was required to submit a photograph and details of birth, occupation in Russia, the name of the ship and...

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East German MIG-21 Jet Pilot “Travel Document”

7 March, 2015

Meet Wolfgang, an officer in the rank of an Major, of the East German National People’s Army, or Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) and MIG-21 Jet pilot and flight trainer. The document displayed here is a NVA license for pilots issued 1967 and is an outstanding document of the East German military aviation history and Cold War history. This military pilot’s license in combination with a military ID card and a...

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Lidgerwood Passport

4 March, 2015

THIS is the passport of global businessman William van Vleck Lidgerwood—one of the founders of the Washington Association of New Jersey. Lidgerwood spent most of his active business career traveling in Europe and South America and more than likely had more than one of these documents during his life. As a world traveler, Lidgerwood was exposed to the extensive history of Western Europe and the America’s and saw himself...

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Tränenpalast РBorder Crossing РEast Germany

1 March, 2015

The Tränenpalast (English: “Palace of Tears”) is the Berlin colloquialism for the former border crossing at Berlin Friedrichstraße station, where East Germans said goodbye to visitors going back to West Germany. From 1962 to 1989 it was the border crossing for travellers by S-bahn, U-bahn and train between East and West Germany. It was used only for westbound border crossings, with separate checkpoints for West Berliners, West Germans, foreigners,...

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Palestine Certificate Of Naturalization 1942

26 February, 2015

Palestine Certificate Of Naturalization 1942 Without this document you could not get a British Palestine passport or ID card so it’s related to passport history. To find such a document is unusual I would say. How many Palestinians will still have today such a old Certificate of Naturalization? I guess not many. The document is issued in three languages (English, Hebrew and Arabic). The documents was issued to Kurt...

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Olympic Gold Medal Winner & Wife Saved by R.Wallenberg

23 February, 2015

An very interesting document set was offered which is truly rare to find. An RAOUL WALLENBERG SCHUTZ-PASS (protection pass) and another second document which is a confirmation issued by the Swedish Embassy in Budapest stating that it’s bearer is protected by the Swedish Embassy to leave Hungary for Sweden. The bearers of those documents are Mrs. Dr. Eugen Fuchs geb. Eva Schwarz for the WALLENBERG SCHUTZPASS and Dr. Eugen...

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Should you repair your collectibles?

23 February, 2015

Recently I was asked “How to repair a torn passport cover?” I answered as follows: This cover bears the passport number which you find also at the pages. So you can’t substitute the cover. The Germans had also covers of the same passport model without numbers – so easy to substitute. There are two repair solutions…beside the total replacement of cover 1. black/brown textile tape to repair (tape) the...

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20 February, 2015

This passport type is unusual! I asked my fellow collector Tristan, who is indeed an expert in French travel documents and he also replied to me that he never saw such a type before. Issued to M. Georges Firmin-Didot, Attaché of the French Republic sent to his post at the Holy Sea (Vatican). Issued in Paris, 20. July 1880, stamp, signed by the chief of staff of the foreign...

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Edouard Drouyn de Lhuys

18 February, 2015

Edouard Drouyn de Lhuys (19 November 1805 – 1 March 1881) was a French statesman and diplomat, born at Melun in the department of Seine et Marne. He was educated at the College of Louis-le-Grande. The scion of a wealthy and noble house, he excelled in rhetoric. He quickly became interested in politics and diplomacy. He was ambassador at The Hague and Madrid, and distinguished himself by his opposition...

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