Famous American TV Evangelists – REX HUMBARD – PASSPORT

24 June, 2013
Famous American TV Evangelists – REX HUMBARD – PASSPORT

Alpha Rex Emmanuel Humbard (August 13, 1919 – September 21, 2007) was a famous American television evangelist whose Cathedral of Tomorrow show was shown on over 600 stations at the peak of its popularity. Rex Humbard was the first evangelist to have a weekly nationwide television program in the United States, beginning in 1952, although his first television broadcast was in 1949. So you can say he was the...

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Every Assistance And Protection: History Of The Australian Passport

18 June, 2013

Every Assistance and Protection is the first book presenting an in-depth history of the Australian passport. In charting the development of the passport from its early beginnings to its present form, the book traverses changes in government policy and social history from the early 19th century to the modern era. It shows how the Australian passport evolved from a signifier of British nationality into a badge of membership of...

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A Collector’s Story

16 June, 2013

A Collector’s Story Of Attempted Fraud Via my website (PPC) I get weekly several request, offers, questions but this story I believe is worth to share. “I have 136 German passports 1918-1942 in excellent condition for sale” was the initial headline. Well, sounds great isn’t it? Of course I was interested and replied in that way. Scammer: I am German national but living for 25 years in the Philippines...

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Message from the editor…

14 June, 2013

Message from the editor… Collectorsweekly, a well known resource for people who love vintage and antiques, is referring my website as “Other Great Reference Sites: Paper (Documents).” I do appreciate the efforts of Senior Editor Ben Marks to take a look at my website and to place a link at their popular website. You can also find some articles from me at their website > Show and Tell. “Collectors...

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The Passport From Princess Natalja Of Montenegro Is Back To It`s Family

13 June, 2013

By Géraldine Cerf de Dudzeele, Paris My grandmother was imposed her first marriage with Prince Mirko Petrovic-Njegos for the sake of political aims concerning Serbia and Montenegro. At that time, she was in love with her future second husband, my grandfather, Gaston Errembault de Dudzeele, who lived in Belgrade with his two sisters because his father was the Belgian ambassador to Serbia (1890-1898). Her husband made her unhappy because...

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Moonwalker Charlie Duke

12 June, 2013
moonwalker charlie duke

Another outstanding collectible from Bill – Congratulation! From my personal collection of space flight memorabilia: Terrestrial passport issued to NASA astronaut and Apollo 16 moonwalker Charlie Duke. Astronaut Charles Duke was capcom during the Apollo 11 mission. His is the voice you recall saying, “Roger, Twank… Tranquility, we copy you on the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing again. Thanks a lot!”...

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The Last Nazi-Germany Passport?

10 June, 2013
Germany Alien 5 April 1945small

“Is this the last Nazi-Germany passport?”. Trough my website I always get many requests from people around the world looking asking for support. A reader from Canada sent me a message including the pictures of this Nazi-Germany Alien Passport and was asking “Is this the last Nazi-Germany passport?”. Well, I believe the change is high that this document is truly one of the very last issued passports. As you...

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