The Australian ePassport

6 June, 2013
Australia epassport-01-09

Australia’s first ePassport was introduced in October 2005. The first version of the ePassport, identified as the M series, was replaced by the N series in May 2009. The N series offers improved security features. For the first time in an Australian travel document, the document is produced using carbon neutral paper. The N Series ePassport has an embedded microchip in the centre page and a silver coat of...

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The Brest Ghetto Passport Collection

3 June, 2013
The Brest Ghetto Passport Collection

The Brest Ghetto Passport Collection consists of documents prepared at the order of the Nazi authorities after the capture of Brest in the summer of 1941. All Jews of 14 years of age and above living in the Brest Ghetto were required to obtain and sign for identity papers, which included their names, ages, and the names and dates of birth of their parents. A photo of each person...

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Passport Collecting – Key Topics

30 May, 2013

This short presentation should guide you to key topics when it comes to passport collecting. For the best viewing experience watch this presentation in full screen by clicking the symbol at the lower right corner of the window. Comments are very welcome. Enjoy.  

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CHINA 1940 – Passport (permit) for a English Boy in Tianjin

28 May, 2013
Tianjin passport 1940

CHINA 1940 – Passport (permit) for a English Boy in Tianjin China – Chinese passport (permit) to an English boy born 1925 which is entitled to the limits of military guards in Tianjin, to cross by presenting this certificate, issued in 1940, with photo. On July 30, 1937, Tianjin fell to Japan, as part of the Second Sino-Japanese War, but was not entirely occupied, as the Japanese for the...

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Legal Notices On Passport Collecting

22 May, 2013

Legal Notices on Passport Collecting The purpose of this site is to establish a platform for collectors to share and exchange information, knowledge and collectibles and to raise awareness of passport collecting as a leisure activity. All passports presented on this website are obsolete and for research, educational & collection purposes only ! Passports as government property Most countries declare by law that passports are government property, and may...

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Refugee Documents – Post War Germany

20 May, 2013

This extensive lot of Refugee documens which I got recently is a awesome Refugee story about a Estonian couple in early post war Germany emigrating to USA after waiting five years in Refugee camps in Germany managed by International Refugee Organization (IRO). There are dozens of handwritten letters in Estonian language which I can’t read but many documents in English or German and from the IRO and War Relief...

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A Passport To Britain Signed By Napoleon Bonaparte

18 May, 2013

A passport to Britain signed by Napoleon Bonaparte ā€“ Emperor of France document signed ā€˜Nā€™ with a flourish dated March 1812 being a passport for a 13 year old girl named Louise Nouzel from Lisbon giving her permission to travel to travel to Britain via either Ostend or Dunkirk. Partially printed document on a single leaf of vellum approx 15×10 ins with ms insertions including a description of the...

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