3 August, 2013

BEING A KING’S MESSENGER MAY BE A DANGEROUS JOB Often Featured in Romantic Fiction, a Small Group of Men Carries Out Important and Risky Tasks By D. G. SHEAHAN ALTHOUGH modern diplomatic relationships between nations are delicate enough at any time, they are doubly so in time of war, and should, for example, a ciphered letter be’ decoded by a nation to whom it was not addressed, relations between...

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Loss Of A Passport Lot (update!)

25 July, 2013

Well, miracles happen… The missing shipping was delivered to me in a new large envelope of the Swiss Border Police (Customs) including an attached letter with the following content. “Your shipment was inspected by Swiss Customs Department and during this inspection we recognized that the included German passport was reported as lost in our database. The passport will be forwarded to the German authorities.” All other documents arrived finally...

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Holocaust – Emigration From Germany

24 July, 2013
Holocaust – Emigration From Germany

Holocaust – Emigration from Germany At the time of the Nazi takeover in 1933, there were over 500,000 Jews in Germany.  Initially, the Nazis encouraged emigration from Germany but placed few restrictions on the amount of property Jews could take with them.  Over time, however, the German government imposed ever increasing emigration taxes and restrictions on the amount of money which could be transferred abroad from Germany.  By November,...

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Passport – International Permanent Armistice Commission

23 July, 2013
International Permanent Armistice Commission

Passport (Passierschein) incl. Photo of the International Permanent Armistice Commission , issued by the Railway Headquarters in Mainz for the assistant Johann Baptist Rathgeber. He can not be arrested nor be imprisoned. He must be well treated and is under the protection of the Allied Armies! Interesting document of WWI. The German Armistice Commission in 1918 (in short: WaKo) was compiled end of the First World War and the...

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Moving To The Third Generation Of Electronic Passports

22 July, 2013

Recognizing that electronic passports (ePassports) need to be protected for at least the next 10 to 20 years, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is introducing Supplemental Access Control (SAC), an additional security mechanism for the next generation of documents. The ICAO and the European Union (EU) have recently decided to enforce the use of this mechanism for all travel documents issued as of December 2014. As the industry...

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Passport of Ernst Munzinger – 20 July 1944 Plot

20 July, 2013

The following passport is of significant importance in German history as it’s bearer was a conspirator in the German Resistance and a member of the 20 July plot. Not often a collector get the chance to get in possession of such a document and when you get such a possibility you don’t think twice – you just grab it! This document is another highlight in my private German collection....

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Prof. Max Holzmann, a Swiss Cardiologist

20 July, 2013

Professor Dr. Max Holzmann * 31. Mar. 1899 in Zürich; † 27. Jan. 1994 in Zürich was a Swiss Cardiologist and published more than 100 articles and books about cardiology and was well known not only in Switzerland. He is also mentioned in the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland. To learn more about him just follow the link (short biography in German and French). His “Legitimationskarte”, a previous version of...

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Traveling In Wartime Germany, Austria & Turkey Under A False Passport

16 July, 2013

Traveling In Wartime Germany, Austria & Turkey Under A False Passport(by Jim Grundy, Great War Forum) One of the stranger stories to be reported in Hucknall was that of a journalist, Harold Jeffrey Darnton-Fraser, who spoke at a recruiting rally in Hucknall on 27th July 1915 in support of local V.C. winner, James Upton, 1st Notts. & Derby. In the course of his address, Darnton-Fraser, said to be working...

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German Passport – US Consulate, Moscow 1915

14 July, 2013

WOW, what a finding was presented to me by our fellow collector G.J. when we met once again for a collectors meeting at Lake Constance a few days ago. What you see here is a quite rare German Empire passport issued by the United States of America at the US Consulate General in Moscow 1915! You might think “How is this possible?” American Consulate General in Moscow, German passport...

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Collectors Meeting in Zürich (3)

8 July, 2013
collectors meeting

Just another collectors meeting happen in Zürich last Sunday with fellow collectors from Germany and Switzerland. The four participants were discussing about our common hobby and could exchange also some documents. We spend  some great few hours together. Thank you all for coming to Zürich. With two fellow collectors we agreed to meet again in two weeks at the Lake Constance.

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