North German Confederation Passport

31 July, 2012
Reisepass_Norddeutscher Bund

Outstanding auction result at eBay for this super rare North German Confederation Passport. I was bidding too but always have my limit. CONGRATULATION to the seller and the buyer who paid 512 US$ (Oct.2010). The North German Confederation was existing only from 1867 to 1871. This is only the second time I saw this precious type.

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Collectors Meeting in Tel Aviv

29 July, 2012
collectors meeting

Tel Aviv was the venue for a collectors get-together on 27 July 2012. Locally-based Neil and Gil who was visiting from Singapore met at the Cafe Landwer to exchange their experiences as passport collectors and talk about specific matters concerning early Israeli travel documents and Judaica, an area which both are familiar with. It was their first personal meeting after having been in touch electronically for a long period....

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The future of passport collecting

26 July, 2012

Many collectors contacted me asking why they don`t find any more foreign passports at eBay. The answer is plain and simple. eBay is strictly deleting them. Here a small overview (from my experience). eBay US It was always forbidden to list government ID`s such as passports. The exception are US passports expired more than 20 years. Other older expired documents are somehow tolerated. eBay GER Yes, there are some...

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Collectors Meeting In Bangkok

16 July, 2012
Collectors lunch

On Saturday I got surprisingly a call from Nassir. I met him once at the local flea market in Bangkok and we found out that we share the same passion for passport collecting. Nassir is from Dubai and a regular traveller to Bangkok. So on Saturday we agreed to met today for a “collectors lunch”. We had some good food and a interesting discussion. I learned from Nassir that...

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Passport Fees Around The World

5 July, 2012

As I found out today the British Passport Office published a list of passport fees around the world. The mentioned fees there are significant lower than earlier reported by and I belive the British Passport Office is a much more reliable source. The original PDF-file can be downloaded here. The new data are as follows. However please take a note also on the readers comments which are the...

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Collectors Meeting in Singapore (3)

28 June, 2012
collectors meeting

Singapore was the venue for the another passport collectors’ meeting. Visiting from Belgium Henk met local collector Gil for drinks and a sumptuous Indian dinner. Henk was able to check on over 20 passports with Belgian visas which Gil selected from his collection. Both also exchanged passports and discussed several aspects of their common hobby. This was their 2nd meeting, they already met in May during the International Meeting...

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Did you know…

21 June, 2012
DDR_bis 1995

…that GDR Passports (East Germany) issued in the last days of the country were still valid till 1995? Even the German Democratic Republic of Germany was obsolete since 3 Oct 1990! That sounds strange and I believe there was no other case like that when it comes to passports. But the reason was simple. These “extension” was based on German law as it was impossible to issue for millions...

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Profit Before Culture: Should History be Sold to the Highest Bidder?

17 June, 2012

Benjamin Shapell, March, 1995 The Public’s Right to Own Original Historical Letters “There is a desire of property in the sanest and best men, which Nature seems to have implanted as conservative of her works, and which is necessary to encourage and keep alive the arts.” -Walter Savage Landor In the field of collecting autograph letters, there are two questions that dealers are always asked.  “How do you know...

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History Resources – The Shapell Manuscript Foundation

16 June, 2012
Lincolns last days

For each collector it is crucial to have knowledge about history, especially on the items you are collecting. During some research I found this excellent website. In my opinion they presenting history in a very dynamic and touching way. I love the video “Lincoln`s Last Days”. The Shapell Manuscript Foundation is an independent educational organization dedicated to the collection and research of original manuscripts and historical documents. The foundation’s...

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Swiss Collective Passport 1951

5 June, 2012

Collective passports and visas are extraordinary. Nowadays they are not longer issued as each individual needs it`s own document. This example I got from my Swiss fellow collector Ernst. To meet up with Ernst is always a pleasure as we understand each others needs and we do just a swap – no money involved. So I got from him this very nice collective passport for a Swiss gymnastic club....

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