A Interesting Polish Passport 1932-1940

8 April, 2013
A Interesting Polish Passport 1932-1940

By Neil K., Israel World War II has always caught my imagination. The stories behind the events of that period are exciting and at times unbelievable. So when I come across a passport which has a rich story behind, it should be shared. The passport here is a standard “blue jacket” Polish passport, they began to appear around 1930 and where used until 1945, later being changed to the...

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The Identification Tags of German Southwest Africa (1884-1915)

3 April, 2013

Already in 1900 the German South-West Africa seriously was thinking about how a reliable identification of the natives without much fuss could be made possible. The European system of passports or identity cards of different design was far too complicated to simply be copied. Nevertheless risked the colonial authorities issuing passports to a number of natives made of paper and cardboard in some districts. The experiment was doomed to fail...

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Ebay really sucks…

1 April, 2013

Just another example how eGreedy is ignoring customers input by sending out automated answers. What is the reply from customer service worth? In my opinion nothing and I doubt the really doing anything. Why can’t they report which actions the take if they did so? This has nothing to do with members protection. Read the full case… CLAIM: REPORTING A MEMBER Item number: 251241644xxx: I do not agree on...

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Passport Collecting – What is it all about?

31 March, 2013

This was one of the presentattions from our passport collectors meeting in Berlin last year. Enjoy! Passport collecting – What is it all about? The Collection & Documentation of a Great Collector Passport collector Peter Linnepe Germany presented by http://www.passport-collector.com First Int. Passport Collectors Meeting Berlin 12-13 May 2012 presented by http://www.passport-collector.com WELCOME My intention to build passport-collector.com… 1. There was nothing for my needs! 2. Promote Passport collecting...

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Collectors Meeting In Bangkok II

22 March, 2013

It’s always great to meet up with fellow collectors and this time I had the chance to meet Scott in Bangkok. Knowing each other for about two years by email we meet the first time in person. Scott is from USA and is collecting  pre-1919  US sheet passports and consular documents. During our Thai dinner we had a great time discussing our common interests. Scott is collecting since 1998...

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Somali Democratic Republic Passports (Specimen)

20 March, 2013

Here comes a fantastic offer. Three passports in 100% mint condition. Standard type, Service and Diplomatic, all are marked as SPECIMEN by a stamp on the first few pages.  The Somali Democratic Republic collapsed in 1991, today the country is officially called Federal Republic Of Somalia. SOLD

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19 March, 2013

Not often you see celebrity passports but look at these. It’s assumed they were copied at border control from immigration officers in China (so the Chinese website says).

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