Antiquarian Book Fair London, May 2012

30 May, 2012

As the Antiquarian Book Fair London was just at the same weekend as the Ephemera Fair I decided to spend the whole weekend in London to visit both events and I can tell you already I do not regret my decision at all. Coming direct from Heathrow airport to the Book Fair was a good idea as on Friday the fair was not that busy and I had my...

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Diplomatic Passport Grand Duke Friedrich Franz Of Mecklenburg 1907

22 May, 2012
von Rieben Passport

Well, I am quite excited to won this magnificent document at a small German auction house for a rather inexpensive price. Mecklenburg is hard to find and this piece is not only in great condition but it is also a diplomatic passport issued on special order of Grand Duke Friedrich Franz for Caroline von Rieben (nee von Bülow), widow of famous German Lieutenant General Julius von Rieben (Director of...

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19 May, 2012

The Ephemera Society London Fair 2012 Major event attracting dealers from mainland Europe and USA with up to 70 tables Sundays · 27 May 2012 Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury Coram Street London WC1N 1HT United Kingdom All are welcome. Admission £3   11.00 – 16.00 Members from 10am with membership cards It will be my first participation as memebr of the Ephemera Society. I will offer a good selection...

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16 May, 2012

Diplomatic passport of Burundi President Sylvestre Ntibantunganya (born 8 May 1956) is a Burundi politician. He was Speaker of the National Assembly of Burundi from December 1993 to 1 October 1994 and President of Burundi from 6 April 1994 to 25 July 1996 (interim to October 1994). Ntibantunganya was born in Gishubi, Gitega, and is an ethnic Hutu. He served as foreign minister briefly during 1993. He came into...

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International Passport Collectors – First Meeting held in Berlin/Germany

15 May, 2012

BERLIN, May 12/13 – The place to be as passport collector Our small but fine group of passionate international passport collectors met at the Brandenburg Gate on Saturday evening for German food and beer. The participants from Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Singapore, UK and Switzerland truly showed commitment to the community by taking the efforts to come to Berlin. So it is my desire to thank you all for...

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The Nansen Passport

4 May, 2012

  has a good website abou te Nansen passport. The idea for the Nansen passport came from a representative from the International Red Cross, Edouard August Frick. In the autumn of 1921, he proposed an identity card that could work as a passport recognized through international agreements. Frick named it “the Nansen passport”. Hugh McKinnon, second in command in the League of Nations’ legal department, handled the details. The...

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Immigration Officer Ian Foot (Video)

1 May, 2012

Attention: Comedy! Come Fly With Me – BBC One

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29 April, 2012

1938 REICHSGESETZBLATT, PART I, PAGE 1342 Law on Passports of Jews on 5 October 1938 Based on the law on passport, alien police and registration affairs as well as on identification affairs of 11 May 1934 (Reichsgesetzblatt I, Page 589) the following is ordered in agreement with the Reich Minister of Justice: Article 1 (1) All German passports of Jews (Article 5 of the first law to the Reich...

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Edite Grinberga – Passports in Art

24 April, 2012
Pass, Regensburg-r100

As I said many times, old passports are some kind of art. Edite brings passports in art… Dear Edite, it`s nice to see what you made with the passports you got from me. Congratulation! “Reisepass” or  “Two Passports”, size 70 x 100cm, oil on canvas, EUR 4300,-. Galerie Friedmann-Hahn    

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22 April, 2012

I hope to have a table at the next Ephemera Society London Fair on May 27th to promote passport collecting and to offer some passports to the audience. The society listed as member site and also as other sources for ephemera. I am looking forward to the new upcoming network. Click on the logo to visit the society`s website.

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