Edite Grinberga – Passports in Art

24 April, 2012
Pass, Regensburg-r100

As I said many times, old passports are some kind of art. Edite brings passports in art… Dear Edite, it`s nice to see what you made with the passports you got from me. Congratulation! “Reisepass” or  “Two Passports”, size 70 x 100cm, oil on canvas, EUR 4300,-. Galerie Friedmann-Hahn    

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Passport-collector.com joins Ephemera Society UK

22 April, 2012

I hope to have a table at the next Ephemera Society London Fair on May 27th to promote passport collecting and to offer some passports to the audience. The society listed passport-collector.com as member site and also as other sources for ephemera. I am looking forward to the new upcoming network. Click on the logo to visit the society`s website.

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International Collectors Meeting – Schedule

22 April, 2012

INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT COLLECTORS MEETING IN BERLIN / GERMANY – 12/13 MAY, 2012 Schedule  12th May – BRANDENBURG GATE at 6pm “Come together” at the Beer Garden near Brandenburg Gate Meet & Greet your fellow collectors during a good dinner and German beer or wine… Open end 13th May – NH-HOTEL BERLIN MITTE at 10am (Meeting room “Ludwig Erhard”) Show & Tell (about your collectibles, collection) Buy, Sell, Exchange some...

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German Passport Regulations (1936 & 1960)

20 April, 2012
Handbuch für den Zolldienst (DDR)

Lucky to find 2 other books on German passport regulation which gives us passport collectors a better understanding of our items of desire…  

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A closer look at your collectibles

17 April, 2012

Recently I bought a couple of German passports with the big red “J” stamp. I was somehow astonished about the excellent and fresh condition of the documents. After more than seventy years there was almost no wear to see, even the clips to attach the passport picture was not rusty at all. I paid quite a price for the documents and had some doubts if they are genuine. I...

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Passport Collectors Community – Introduction

15 April, 2012

Compared to coin or stamp collectors the community of passport collectors is a small one. Nowadays you can collect anything, I started once with coins but was never into stamps. Because of my interest in history and travel I explored the interesting world of travel documents. I started with the documents of my parents I found in the basement, some visits at a local flea market were also successful...

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The German Passport System 1925, Johannes Krause

13 April, 2012
Passrecht1925 (Small)-r72

When it comes to literature on passports we all know it is quite difficult to find relevant sources. I was lucky to find to old and rare books on the German passport system. This book has not only the full content of the passport law at that time but it does explain the passport system much more in detail, including several further documents which where normaly just for “internal...

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Benito Mussolini Passport 1922

10 April, 2012

Benito Mussolini Passport Picture (Press Photo) It seems his old passport was offered in 1922 for a sale price of £500(!) Interesting press photo…see full describtion on the pictures below…   Thanks to the input from Jonathan Pile (see comments) I can add the following very interesting facts. …Montgomery Hyde in his observations on Maundy Gregory’s trial in 1933, noted that “Among the curiosities of his collection were an...

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100 Years Ago – The Titanic Disaster, 14 April 1912 (incl.video)

7 April, 2012

Remembering the deaths of 1514 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history 100 years ago. But there were also 710 suvivors, one of them was Mrs Eleanor Genevieve Cassebeer (née Fosdick). Mrs Cassebeer boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a first class passenger (ticket number 17770, £27 14s 5d). She was rescued in life boat No.5. Two of her passport applications I found on the...

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Collectors Meeting in London

2 April, 2012

I spend a great time with my fellow collectors Ed and Brian during my trip to London where I met also interesting people like William and Danny. A English lady came all the way from Brighton to show me a lot of 16 UK family passports from the 30s to the 80s. The largest family collection of passports I ever saw. I recommended her to contact my friend Ed...

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