My German passport found in Shanghai

8 December, 2012

(by PETER NASH, Sydney) My German passport found in Shanghai Sitting at the computer my wife Rieke knew something special had come into the ‘inbox’ and called me immediately. The unknown sender titled the Subject: “Lost Passport in Shanghai” – a topic with which I was familiar as I had initiated connections to owners of two German Passports a few years earlier. However, this time there was an attachment...

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Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma

15 November, 2012

Louis of Battenberg, the great grandson of Queen Victoria, and second cousin of George V, was born in Windsor, England, on 25th June, 1900. His father, Prince Louis of Battenberg, had been born in Austria. As a result of the anti-German feelings in Britain during the First World War the family changed its name from Battenberg to Mountbatten. Mountbatten was educated at Osborne and Dartmouth Royal Naval College (1913-16)....

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US Passport of Zeppelin LZ 129 Hindenburg Airship Passengers

11 November, 2012

WOW! What a piece of history! What you see here is the US Passport of Zeppelin LZ 129 Hindenburg Airship Passengers – Mr. & Mrs. Brown flying to Germany and Europe on Aug 16, 1936. LZ 129 Hindenburg (Luftschiff Zeppelin #129; Registration: D-LZ 129) was a large German commercial passenger-carrying rigid airship, the lead ship of the Hindenburg class, the longest class of flying machine and the largest airship...

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New Passport Guideline Online – The Singapore Passport

9 November, 2012
The Singapore Passport

I am glad to inform you that the presentation “The Singapore Passport” given by our fellow collector Gil at the First International Passport Collectors Meeting in Berlin is now online and available for everybody. The presentation gives you a good impression of the Singapore passport history from Colonial Times to Independence. Just click on the picture to enter the page with even more educating guidelines. Enjoy…

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Book Review – The United States Passport (Past, Present, Future)

6 November, 2012
us eagle

The United States Passport (Past, Present, Future) is full of facts about the American passport. The book was issued by the Passport Office – Department of State in 1976. Even the book was published 37 years ago the data you will find there are most valuable for passport collectors. Of course such a department has access to all statistics and history which makes this book a “Bible” on the...

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Frederic Leighton And His Travels

3 November, 2012

Who was Frederic Leighton? Frederic Leighton (1830-1896), was one of the most famous British artists of the nineteenth century. The recipient of many national and international awards and honours, he was well acquainted with members of the royal family and with most of the great artists, writers and politicians of the late Victorian era. He was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire to a medical family. His father was a doctor,...

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Diplomatic Passport Collection of Gough and Margaret Whitlam – Ex-Prime Minister of Australia 1972-1975

31 October, 2012
3-1981 Diplomatic Passport for the Hon Edward Gough Whitlam QC MP

Some time ago I was asked to support in the evaluation of these outstanding Diplomatic Passport Collection of Gough and Margaret Whitlam – Ex-Prime Minister of Australia 1972-1975. It is fantastic to see that the University of Western Sidney – Whitlam Institute is bringing this collection to the public . It was my great pleasure to be part of this project. I wish more organizations world wide would handle...

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