German Empire Passports – Guideline

26 January, 2013
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Introduction Passport Collecting is a small but fine topic within the ephemera world. By today there are only few books or other sources available which discussing/describing this very interesting area of “paper collection”. Since I established the website PASSPORT-COLLECTOR.COM in September 2010, the amount of visitor is constantly growing and the website is well recognized by collectors and other interested groups. E.g. Collectorsweekly,, Wikipedia, Ephemera Society in UK...

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East German Service Passport

26 January, 2013
East German Service Passport

227€ – WOW, what a price! Very surprised! I believe this was the highest payment ever made so far for a East German (GDR) Service passport. Normally you get them for around 100 EUR. 20 bids were registered for this item. My passport database includes 18 DDR Service Passports from different years. I could not indicate something special beside it’s a Service passport. Congratulations to seller & buyer. Luckily...

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15 January, 2013

As announced earlier I got a couple of German passports for Jews with the infamous J-stamp. As you might know these documents are most rare and a clear evidence of the darkest time in German history – The Holocaust. The last few I had were gone in just a few hours after they were online – so be quick! Price on request! This “Treasure Box” was a unique finding…not...

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Passport Of Francis X. Bushman

11 January, 2013

Francis X. Bushman, ActorBorn Francis Xavier Bushman on Jan. 10, 1883 in Norfolk, VADied Aug. 23, 1966 of heart attack in Pacific Palisades, CA Francis X. Bushman was one of the great lovers of the silent screen. Bushman’s rugged good looks and expansive, eye-catching gestures made him the “King of the Movies” in an era that knew many film greats, including Charlie Chaplin, William S. Hart and Douglas Fairbanks....

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Another East German Dienstpass (Service passport) for my collection

2 January, 2013

Travel documents from East Germany are a quite interesting collection field – especially for me as German. While the latest documents issued in the 80/90s are still frequently and inexpensive available documents before 1960 are rare to find. Also this Dienstpass (Service passport) is everything else than common. Several types of this model were issued during the years and I believe I have now 3-4 different types. Further highlights...

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28 December, 2012

INTERPOL has developed its first ever travel documents (e-Passport Booklet and e-Identification Card). These are intended to enable INTERPOL officials, chiefs of law enforcement agencies, heads of National Central Bureaus and staff to travel internationally on official INTERPOL business without requiring a visa when assisting in transnational investigations or urgent deployments. Granting the INTERPOL Travel Document special visa status will help law enforcement officers from INTERPOL member countries and...

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Kuwaiti travel documents

25 December, 2012
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KUWAIT: Traveling in the 1930s was not as a familiar process as it is nowadays since Kuwaiti people, back in the days, had no passports to travel with. They traveled to few countries and were restricted to an agreement between the government of Kuwait and the British Empire, researcher in the Kuwaiti heritage Dr Yagoub Al-Ghunaim said yesterday. People who wanted to travel had to go the Amir’s Secretary...

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Effective annexation: Israel now stamping passports of West Bank visitors “Judea and Samaria only” (update)

24 December, 2012
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UPDATE SEE HERE:   (Ismael Mohamad / United Press International) Effective annexation: Israel now stamping passports of West Bank visitors “Judea and Samaria only” New Israeli stamp says “Judea & Samaria only” in reference to the occupied West Bank. (Rima Merriman) Because the Palestinian Authority has no real control or sovereignty, anyone who wishes to go to the occupied West Bank can only do so with Israeli permission....

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History of Biometrics

19 December, 2012

By Stephen Mayhew November 22, 2012 Introduction The term “biometrics” is derived from the Greek words “bio” (life) and “metrics” (to measure). Automated biometric systems have only become available over the last few decades, due to significant advances in the field of computer processing. Many of these new automated techniques, however, are based on ideas that were originally conceived hundreds, even thousands of years ago. One of the oldest...

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Diplomatic Passport Of East Germanys Minister Of State Security (STASI)

13 December, 2012

Diplomatic Passport Of East Germany’s Minister Of State Security (STASI) This is the East German Diplomatic Passport of Erich Mielke (December 28, 1907 – May 21, 2000) a German Communist politician and Minister of State Security of the German Democratic Republic from 1957 to 1989. A hard-line Stalinist, he spent several years in the Soviet Union. Mielke held the military rank of four star Army General. In 1993, he...

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