Rare Persian Passport 1911

1 October, 2012

Not often you find such a nice & rare collectible from the Arabic-Islamic World. This Persian passport was issued when Persia was still a kingdom and ruled by the last King of the Qajar dynasty – Shah Ahmad (1909-1925). His successors were the last Kings of the Persian Monarchy – the Pahlavi dynasty (1925-1979). Since the revolution in Feb 1979 Persia (Iran) is officially named “Islamic Republic of Iran”....

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BBC Show Finds Passport Signed By Charles I. in 1641

28 September, 2012

London, May 11 (ANI): A BBC Show has come across a passport dating back to 1641 in Sunderland, UK, which was signed by Charles I. According to a report by BBC News, the program, known as ‘Flog It’, has put a price of up to 20,000 pounds on a passport which is almost 400 years old. It was brought to the Stadium of Light to be valued by Peter...

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Das Wanderbuch – Wander Book

22 September, 2012
Das Wanderbuch – Wander Book

A Wanderbuch is literally a journey book. It is at once a passport and resume. When issued it has many blank pages for local authorities to give their stamp of approval and employers (Masters) to write about the employee (journeyman). A journeyman must first complete an apprenticeship with a Master craftsman and after completion he was issued the Wander-Buch by the government, allowing him to work as a journeyman...

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Early East German Passport 1955

19 September, 2012

This might be one of the earliest issued East German Passport. I never saw one before 1955. The first passport act of the German Democratic Republik (GDR) was issued in September 1954 so this truly might be an early issue as also the passport no. 4214 is quite low. The document was issued in Berlin on 21. July 1955 for a merchant and was valid till 20. July 1957....

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Latest additions to my passport collection

14 September, 2012

Latest additions to my passport collection Thanks to my solid and strong connections within the collectors community I was once again able to get some rare and important documents for my own passport collection. I deeply appreciate the fellowship with you all. Passport collecting is for fun and one of the core intention is to support each other needs in this small but fine collector’s community. I am happy...

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IRAQ passport 1961 with several East German visa

12 September, 2012
Iraq 1961

Just got this interesting document. Iraq passport (Republic of Iraq) issued 1961 in Prague. The passport has several East German visas which is interesting for me as German collector. All visas were given shortly before and after the day when the wall was build (Aug 14th 1961). What a interesting historical document! Love it! Enjoy the gallery…   IRAQ1961 Republic of Iraq …issued June 1961 in Prague …for a...

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Chinese Passport, World’s Worst? (Video)

10 September, 2012

Well, look at this video from NTDTV.com incl. English subtitles and make your own opinion. By the way China just started to issue biometric passports.

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Palestine Passport History

4 September, 2012
Palestine 1947-tile

First period of time was from 1918-1920, the period of British Military rule or authority in just-liberated-Palestine from Ottoman Turkish rule (about 400 years). During this period of time a Laissez-Passer was issued by the military authorities in the region, most likely the EEF (Egypt Expeditionary Forces). Large sheet, printing on both sides, issued from the end of 1918 most likely and up to 1920. Second period is the...

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Passport Database

30 August, 2012

It might be interesting for you to know that my passport database is one of the largest established. Of course, I know collectors which following this hobby much longer than I do and they have much more items in their own collection than I have in mine, but I don`t know how they are organized. Basically I always do pictures/scans of the documents I get on my desk. I...

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“Passports – Yes, the world is flat…” – Article In The German Autographensammler-Magazin

26 August, 2012

Some month agao I got in contact with the editor of the magazin via my German friend Ingo, who is a long time member of this society. Luckily there were open to report also about side topics on collecting autographs. So the idea was born to write an article about passport collecting. Thanks again to Ulli and Ingo to make this possible. The article “Passports – Yes, the world...

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