A Beauty Came Back To Me – Japanese Passport 1934

12 January, 2012

A few weeks ago I published an article about a passport I gave once  to a fellow collector. With pleasure I can tell you today I got it back. My good fellow collector understood my desire on this item.  I am glad to be in collaboration with such collectors who share the passion of collecting, who understand and support other fellows. It’s not always about the money but about...

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105 passports found from unclaimed baggage

3 January, 2012

When read this news I thought some of our fellow collector lost his treasures…haha… (Hindustantimes, Jan 02, 2012) In what could lead to a massive human trafficking racket, custom officials at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) have recovered a bag containing 105 Indian passports. Though the bag was recovered a month ago, the matter has now been transferred to the Delhi Police considering the sensitivity of the matter....

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Archiving your passports

2 January, 2012

On regular basis we share our experience about passport collecting but today I like to share HOW to ARCHIVE your treasures. Your items are of value – not only because of the money you spent for them but also of  HISTORICAL VALUE and INCREASING HISTORIC VALUE (because of historical aging). We invest a lot, sometimes a fortune in a single piece for our collection but with the same carefulness...

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The Spanish Passport – Part V

28 December, 2011

I am glad to bring you the next part from the guidline of Felix. The other parts 4, 6, 7 and 8 will complete the documentation in time. Extract part V: 1741-1922. The early times. Spanish passports for civilians started a separated expedition system in 1741. Previously both military and civilians used the same model of passports. That model included (servants, baggage, rations,…) and therefore left the bearer free...

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Rehabilitation of escape agents (Video in German)

20 December, 2011

During WWIIW multiple private individuals in Switzerland acted in favour for the refugees. Many of them were sentenced for their action. National Councillor Paul Rechsteiner is demanding their official rehabilitation. 08ff7fd1-ff00-4806-9475-5b08209fab74

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Grüninger Case (Video-German)

18 December, 2011

In defiance of the instructions of the Swiss Federal Government, Paul Grüninger (1891-1972) saved in the years 1938 and 1939 several hundred Jewish and other refugees from Nazi persecution and extermination. In 1939 he was dismissed from St. Gallen government without notice. Grüninger was Swiss Police Captain and forged border papers to the advantage of Jewish and other refugees to enter Switzerland. 55 years after his trial and 23...

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From Switzerland To Auschwitz (Video in German)

16 December, 2011

Around 30,000 Jewish refugees during World War II found refuge in Switzerland. Thousands of Jewish men, women and children were ruthless dismissed. For most, this meant certain death. This documentation was made by the  Swiss Television in 1994 – a highly interesting report! You will see a “J”-stamped German passport in detail including background information with related documents. In the movie it is said that Switzerland was asking Germany...

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Important Saxony Passport 1842

11 December, 2011

Thanks to the support of a good fellow collector I had the chance to aquire this important passport of Saxony issued by honorable Johannes von Minckwitz. This noble family was first mentioned in 1168 and still exsists till today. You can visit the Family of Minckwitz website here (German). Johannes von Minckwitz (1787-1857) Minckwitz Johannes von, born 1787 in Altenburg, was 1803 officer in the Saxon Cürassierregiment Kochtitzki, participated...

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Christmas Collectors Fair – Zürich

10 December, 2011
collectors fair - zürich

This week the biggest collertors market in Switzerland opened it’s doors for 4 days. For me it is the first visit there and what can I tell? Well, it’s a huge market with more than 400 dealers mostly from Switzerland but also with international dealers. I was there fore about 3 hours and met 2 of my fellow collectors. Even I found 3 passports ( Switzerland 1924 + 1934...

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R. Wallenberg & the Schutzpass (video)

4 December, 2011

Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat in Budapest who saved thousands of Jews during WWII. The Schutzpasses he issued, otherwise meaningless documents, but which were often enough to help Jews to escape to special “Swedish houses” and then out of Hungary. A Wallenberg signed Schutzpass is one of the most rare documents a passport collector can collect. By my knowledge and research the remaining Wallenberg Schutzpasses are often handed...

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