US-Special Passport 1945

2 February, 2012

Very interesting post WWII passport related to Allied Forces in Europe (here Austria). Issued on April 6th 1945 for a lady which was “administrative assistant in the office of the special advisor on austrian affairs to the commanding general, mediterranean theatre of operations”. Full of very interesting visas. Sold at eBay for “only” $159. Congratulations to the winner for this very nice item. Enjoy the gallery… US-SPECIAL 1945

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Collectors Meeting in Zürich

30 January, 2012
Guido & Tom

It is always great to meet up with fellow collectors and to share stories and experience. Today I met Guido who works as pastor in a small Swiss community. We first met some months ago at a local flea market where I made promotion for passport collecting. Guido is a true specialist in records and email signs. He alrady had collected a few old passports but I belive since...

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3rd Reich Fremdenpass (Alien Passport)

26 January, 2012
without Swastika, temporary and with Swastika (more rare)

 A Fremdenpass was issued by the German government for foreigners and statless people. I do have some items of this type in my collection. Surprisingly you still find them quite often in excellent condition. The German government issued them for domestic travel and for travel abroad. Especially for the last purpose it was often just theoretically. Rarely you find a Fremdenpass with foreign stamps and visas. I could aquire...

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…and another 3rd Reich “Dienstpass”

24 January, 2012

This is the third Dienstpass (Service passport) I can present now and this is the most special one. Why? Because this document was issued to a Master Sergeant (radio operator) in the courier squadron for the OKW (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht – Supreme Command of the Armed Forces). issued 1940 in Berlin picture in uniform explicit valid also for Spain! visa Hungary visa Romania issued at the Consulate in Berlin...

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Rare Andorran Passport 1939

22 January, 2012

Rare Andorran Passport 1939 Recently I could acquire this very nice and most rare collectible including a resident permit for Spain attached. Passport Valls D’Andorra issued 1939 in Andorra prolonged at the Andorran Delegation in Barcelona in 1939 several stamps incl. Spanish residence permit very good condition most rare In several years of passport collecting this was only the third Andorran passport which comes on my table. Enjoy the...

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Rare German Empire Passport – Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 1904

18 January, 2012

This passport of Principality Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt is a rare finding when you collect documents of the German Empire. A highlight in my collection which I just recently purchased. Also the condition is excellent. Happy to have it.               Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 1904  

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Visit at the Political Archive of the German Foreign Office in Berlin, Part II

16 January, 2012

Asservat No.328 was another very interesting binder with excellent examples of passports and related documents – in this case of Dr. Wilhelm Solf (5 October 1862 – 6 February 1936). Solf was a German scholar, diplomat, jurist and statesman. He joined the German Foreign Office (Consular Service) on 12 December 1888 and was assigned to the Imperial German Consulate General in Calcutta on 1 January 1889. He joined the...

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A Beauty Came Back To Me – Japanese Passport 1934

12 January, 2012

A few weeks ago I published an article about a passport I gave once  to a fellow collector. With pleasure I can tell you today I got it back. My good fellow collector understood my desire on this item.  I am glad to be in collaboration with such collectors who share the passion of collecting, who understand and support other fellows. It’s not always about the money but about...

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105 passports found from unclaimed baggage

3 January, 2012

When read this news I thought some of our fellow collector lost his treasures…haha… (Hindustantimes, Jan 02, 2012) In what could lead to a massive human trafficking racket, custom officials at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) have recovered a bag containing 105 Indian passports. Though the bag was recovered a month ago, the matter has now been transferred to the Delhi Police considering the sensitivity of the matter....

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Archiving your passports

2 January, 2012

On regular basis we share our experience about passport collecting but today I like to share HOW to ARCHIVE your treasures. Your items are of value – not only because of the money you spent for them but also of  HISTORICAL VALUE and INCREASING HISTORIC VALUE (because of historical aging). We invest a lot, sometimes a fortune in a single piece for our collection but with the same carefulness...

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