Carl Lutz – The Forgotten Hero

2 November, 2014
Lutz book

Here comes an outstanding and awarded video book app about Swiss Diplomat CARL LUTZ who saved sixty-thousand Jewish life’s by issuing so called “SCHUTZPÄSSE (PROTECTION LETTERS)” in Budapest in 1944. This video trailer of “Carl Lutz – The Forgotten Hero” – A film form Daniel von Aarburg (SRF) gives you the first impression of life and work of this “Righteous Diplomat”. He was one of a small group of...

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New Refugee Travel Document Uganda

1 November, 2014

Gov’t unveils passports for refugees, Publish Date: Oct 30, 2014   Hassan Warsame, a refugee from Somalia displays his passport. PHOTO/Mary Kansiime By Cecilia Okoth (newvision) KAMPALA – Government has started issuing passports to refugees living in Uganda to ease their movement to other countries. According to Hillary Onek, the Minister of Relief and Disaster Preparedness, the move will enable legal refugees to seek study, business and medical opportunities...

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German Empire – Bremen 1908

30 October, 2014
Bremen 1908

What a pretty passport in 100% mint condition, because not used and protected by a cover which was unusual for German passports at that time but known with UK & US documents. Also the type “Free City of Bremen” is not so often to spot. Very glad to got this item for my collection even when I had to pay 163 EUR, which is maybe 3 times more than...

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Swiss Protection Letter 1945, Germany

27 October, 2014
Swiss Schutzbrief 1945-vert1

When it comes to such Protection Letters I do have quite experience with such documents life saving for Jews during the Holocaust issued by several countries. But this type is not often to spot. The cardboard printed in German and Russian language with a huge Swiss Red Cross is stating as follows. “The personal belongings and artworks in this house (address is following) of the Swiss citizen, Arthur Josef...

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eBay Customer Service Is Bottom Quality II

22 October, 2014
ebay sucks

ANOTHER BAD EXPERIENCE Since 11 days my eBay account is restricted. I can buy but not sell! By accident I changed my registered address instead of the shipping address and the trouble begun. Instantly I got a notification to CALL eBay CS in Hong Kong for security reasons! I did so instantly and was talking to a HK girl with very poor English skills. However after she asked me...

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New US Passport In 2016

15 October, 2014

A new US Passport is scheduled for 2016 and here are the core facts… The chip, embedded in the information page, will be protected by a polycarbonate coating that helps prevent your book from getting wet or bending when you sit on it, or drop it off the Eiffel Tower The US is going back to its old ways and putting numbers on its passports pages, whether you get the standard 28-page book,...

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ID Card German Princess

12 October, 2014
Germany 1893 princess Marie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

ID CARD of German Princess Marie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein Usually I do not collect ID-Cards but this German PASS-KARTE from Prussia is a exception because it was issued to Princss Marie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, which is one of Germany’s oldest noble dynasty. Definitely a nice finding for my collection. Here is the brief genealogy and of course pictures of the PassKarte. This document was Germany’s first standardized ID-Card. Her Pass-Karte was...

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US Passport 1796 issued by David Humphreys

9 October, 2014

US Passport 1796 issued by David Humphreys – THIS is one of the most exceptional passports a collector can get! A historical treasure of its finest and truly a highlight of American history in general and of US passport history in specific! One of the earliest passports of the United States of America issued by David Humphreys (July 10, 1752 – February 21, 1818) Travel passes were required by...

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Organization Of American States – Travel Document

3 October, 2014

A organization with it’s own “Official Travel Document”. Pictures and details after the introduction. The Organization of American States is the world’s oldest regional organization, dating back to the First International Conference of American States, held in Washington, D.C., from October 1889 to April 1890. That meeting approved the establishment of the International Union of American Republics, and the stage was set for the weaving of a web of...

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Experiences as a Queen’s Messenger

1 October, 2014

Experiences as a Queen’s Messenger by Lieutenant Colonel Kimmins John Kimmins had an army career which started in Sandhurst from where he joined a Cavalry regiment. On retirement at 55 he became a Queen’s Messenger. For those who know little more than that there are such individuals as Queens’ messengers it seems like an easy job: flying Club class everywhere (although in the early days this was always first...

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