Edgar Kupfer-Koberwitz – Dachau Diaries

21 December, 2014

On May 11, 1945 just three days after the German capitulation the US-Missions in Bern, Stockholm and Madrid requested access to the German Diplomatic Archives. A “diplomatic note” to Switzerland was sent 5 weeks later on June 18th 1945 when the “Deutsche Interessenvertretung in der Schweiz” (German Interest Section in Switzerland) was already established. The “Deutsche Interessenvertretung in der Schweiz” was a unique construct as it was established as...

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Significant Glitch In eBay Offer System

19 December, 2014
ebay sucks

The following happen not once but several times! JUST ANOTHER BAD EXPERIENCE! The item I offer has a 4-digit price but I received two times a offer of $100 and $105 and, of course, I refused. I was using the iPhone eGREEDY app. Now looking into the same at a desktop PC the figures were shown correctly in a very reasonable 4-digit value which I gladly would have accepted....

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What International Air Travel Was Like in the 1930s

19 December, 2014

When we talk about passports we talk about travelling – in this case international air travel in the 1930s. Today we largely take international air travel for granted. Every major city in the world is little more than a hop, skip, and jump away. But what was it actually like to fly halfway around the world in the 1930s, when the very concept was still novel? Pretty incredible, as...

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Border Control System

16 December, 2014

Did you ever wonder how the procedure of checking your passports looks like when you arrive at borders? Well, here you can see the basic steps how a verification is done and what kind of checks are made during a border control. Remember, all is done usually within 30-40 sec only!  

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World Service Authority

13 December, 2014

Remembering Garry Davis – First Citizen Of The World His radical proposal — hailed by supporters as the way of the future — was a world with no national borders, one in which all people belonged to the same global citizenry. The world would be a place of peace, because it would have no need for war. Mr. Davis, self-styled World Citizen No. 1, gadfly to official governments and...

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Tons of Albert Einstein Documents Are Now Online

9 December, 2014

On Friday Digital Einstein went live, bringing with it a treasure trove of Einstein letters, correspondences, postcards, and notes detailing the life of one of the world’s greatest thinkers. As The New York Times reports, these are The Dead Sea Scrolls of physics and you can read them today for free. Of course, many of these early letters leading up to 1923 were originally written in Einstein’s native German...

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Captain Henry Rodolph Davies In China

7 December, 2014

Look at this GIANT Chinese passport issued to a soldier from the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry more than 100 years ago. Captain Henry Rodolph Davies was aged 29 when, in 1894, he was chosen to lead a survey expedition to Yunnan Province in China. The document that enabled him to travel through China has remained remarkably intact. The purpose of Cpt Davies’s expedition was to look into the...

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Denmark Sea Passport 1823

4 December, 2014
Denmark Sea passport 1823 Virgin Islands1-vert

This document is a “Translation Of The Sea-Passport”, a partly printed document with handwritten additions issued at the island of St. Thomas for the vessel “Julius Thales”. The commercial brig was sailing  from St. Thomas via Cape Haiti to Antwerp. The original Sea-Passport was written in Latin as later in this translation document is mentioned “Conform with the Latin Original”. The document was issued under Frederick VI, King of...

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Another Film Poject Supported

1 December, 2014
foyles war logo-horz

In meantime my website is also well acknowledged by Film and TV productions. BBC, ITV, Kaufman Astoria are just some references. I can even say I was working with a Top Hollywood Property Master – Michael Jortner. Michael worked on Box Office Hit’s like OBLIVION (Tom Cruise), LIMITLESS (Bradley Cooper) or I AM LEGEND (Will Smith). The latest request came also from a property master for a German Film/TV...

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28 November, 2014

Currently you have the chance to grab a document of significant French history – the passport of later Chief of State (Chef de l’État Français) of Vichy France (1940 to 1944). Pétain, who was 84 years old in 1940, ranks as France’s oldest head of state. It is not a diplomatic passport as the seller describes but it’s still a great item to enrich your collection as such documents you...

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