Scottish Passport For The National Museum of Scotland

Thomas C. Archer was appointed as Director of The Industrial Museum of Scotland

Scottish Passport For The National Museum of Scotland

…in 1860 and occupied this position until 1864. In 1864, in anticipation of a major new building opening to house the growing museum, the Museum was renamed the ‘Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art’. Archer’s job title then changed to be Director of the Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art, a post he held until his death in 1885. Today the museum is named – National Museum of Scotland. Archer was a key figure in the early history of the Museum. He would have sought a passport prior to making a range of visits across Europe to acquire items for the new Museum. A interesting fact of Archers biography is that he once worked also as a customs officer…

A Scottish passport itself is already something rare for every collector but if it is for such a prominent person then it’s truly something extraordinary. I am glad to support the return of this historic document where it belongs to – The National Museum of Scotland.

Scottish Passport For The National Museum of Scotland

Jane Carmichael, Director of Collections, National Museums Scotland

“Dear Tom. The passport has now arrived and we are very pleased with it. It is marvelous to have this important document relating to our second Director, Thomas C Archer, to add to our collections. We also appreciate the Victorian flourish in the design and wording of it,  asking that the bearer should be allowed ‘peaceably and without molestation to pass’  plus the large red seal to round things off.

For us this is a  rare item to collect – we wouldn’t normally look for passports – but obviously this one is a great addition to our archives as papers on the early days of the museum are not many. We do regular displays of new acquisitions and it would be a great addition to one of these.”

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