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German Passport 1945 – SS-Hauptsturmführer & Commander SD

2 March, 2014
GERMANY SS-Oslo 1945-003

German Passport 1945 issued by SS-Hauptsturmführer & Commander Security Police (SD) Here comes a most interesting document which tells the journey of a woman working for *NORDAG” in Oslo, Norway. Ruth Balzer was born 1917 in Berlin Schöneberg. Her work book (Arbeitsbuch) shows her professional life. The first entry is from 1936 were she was a apprentice (clerk) for 2 years at the company of Bruno Mädler, Berlin. Then...

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Swiss Protection Letter 1945, Germany

27 October, 2014
Swiss Schutzbrief 1945-vert1

When it comes to such Protection Letters I do have quite experience with such documents life saving for Jews during the Holocaust issued by several countries. But this type is not often to spot. The cardboard printed in German and Russian language with a huge Swiss Red Cross is stating as follows. “The personal belongings and artworks in this house (address is following) of the Swiss citizen, Arthur Josef...

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Adolf Hitler’s Passport

2 June, 2014
Hitler passport

Where is Adolf Hitler’s passport? This article was published first in the German Spiegel Magazine 52/2001 (Link to the original German article) and gives a good overview of the whereabouts of Hitler’s estate including his passport. You can easily translate the text with the language translation tool at my website. First select German then switch to English. This article was motivated by the recent occurrence of two passports from...

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24 May, 2014
Skorenzy passport lot-001-r100

OTTO AND ILSE SKORZENY’S PASSPORTSOTTO SKORZENY (1908 – 1975) Nazi officer and Hitler’s chief and favorite commando, he made a daring mountain-top rescue of Mussolini, placed english-speaking soldier in American uniforms to mislead American forces in the Bulge, and after the war headed the organization that helped hundreds of ex-SS officers flee Germany. Large important and revealing lot of passports, travel documents, membership cards, etc. owned and and used...

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Herman Göring Passport Pulled From Auction

18 May, 2014
Göhring detention report-tb

Several tems owned by Adolf Hitler and Air Force Chief Field Marshal Hermann Göring have been withdrawn from a French auction following objections from two Jewish groups. Forty Nazi items were to have gone under the hammer at the auction auction house in Paris. The items include two Herman Göring passports and other items. According to the auction house, the items were pillaged from Hitler’s mountaintop retreat in the...

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German Passport 1940, Tientsin

12 March, 2014
Germany Tientsin Aug 1945-001-r100

THIS is absolutely a super rare German passport issued by the Nazis 1940 in TIENTSIN, CHINA! Look at the huge Chinese stamp with Swastika. The passport was issued to 26 year young Marianna Gosewisch. As you see in the document details she was even born in China 1914. Her passport was valid till 13 August 1945 but was once more renewed by the “GERMAN OFFICE” in TIENTSIN until 13...

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Independent State Of Croatia – Passport Types

17 February, 2014

Independent State of Croatia – Passport Types often referred to simply by the abbreviation NDH, was a World War II puppet state of Nazi Germany established on a part of Axis-occupied Yugoslavia. The NDH was founded on 10 April 1941, after the invasion of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers. The NDH consisted of most of modern day Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with some parts of modern-day Serbia....

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US Special Passport 1945 – Potsdam Conference

25 January, 2014

US Special Passport 1945 – Potsdam Conference Passport of Staff Sergeant Arthur F. Rall, assigned to duty in the Office of the Military Attache to the Embassy of the United States of America at La Paz, Bolivia. According to the eBay seller this item was part of the estate of Mr. Arthur F. Rall. Rall was sent to Gibraltar on 6 Jul 1945 (arriving 14 July), then sent back...

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The Passport Of Peter Walker

30 December, 2013

(by William Walker, UK) The Passport Of Peter Walker Read the great story of a UK navigator at a Wellington bomber during WW II.Thank you very much William for contacting me and share with us this amazing story and passport of your father. Peter Walker was born in 1915 on Christmas eve.He went to Hotel college in Lausanne during the pre-war years, leaving for England in July of 1939...

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Nazi Germany Passport issued in LUXEMBOURG (RRRR)

24 November, 2013

This passport was issued on 17 October 1939 to Michael Flügel, his wife and two children just a few weeks after WWII begun but well before the German occupation of Luxembourg in May 1940. Another great item to my collection as German passports issued in Luxembourg are extremely hard to find. ________________________________________________________________________________ The Luxembourgish government had pursued a policy of neutrality since the “Luxembourg Crisis” of 1867 had highlighted...

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