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4 October, 2014

KEESING TECHNOLOGIES (AMSTERDAM, NL) article about passport collecting & passport history for The Journal of Documents & IdentityHOLOCAUST MEMORIAL CENTER (MI, USA) consultation on Holocaust documentsTHE EPHEMERA SOCIETY (LONDON, UK)Tom Topol’s excellent website is always up-to-date with the latest news on passports and their historyarticle in THE EPHEMERIST about passport collecting & passport history NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (EDINBURGH, UK) support in acquiring a significant historic Scottish passportFOYLES WAR...

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Passports are not necessary

22 August, 2014
American Line

Well, at least not according this brochure of the AMERICAN LINE, Philadelphia USA The brochure which was issued till 1907 states… “Passports are not necessary to United States citizens in most European countries, but travelers frequently find it to their advantage to carry with them this evidence of their citizenship. They are useful as a means of admission to certain places of interest, and also for identification at banks...

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Voyage Of The S.S. St.Louis

24 February, 2014
Peter has even the menue card from the St. Louis

Voyage Of The S.S. St.Louis After Kristallnacht in November 1938, many Jews within Germany decided that it was time to leave. Though many German Jews had emigrated in the preceding years, the Jews who remained had a more difficult time leaving the country because emigration policies had been toughened. By 1939, not only were visas needed to be able to enter another country but money was also needed to...

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German Passport 1929, Tientsin

2 January, 2014
Tientsin 1929-005-r92

German Passport 1929, Tientsin Meet German Engineer Karl Wick which passport was issued at the German Consulate General in Tientsin, China on 13. April 1929. A rare piece of German passport history! You can imagine not many passports were issued there and even less survived until today – more than 80 years after issuing! Great visas documenting Karl’s travels which includes China, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Germany, France and Chile....

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Ready for Inspection: An Interview with Valentin Groebner

21 December, 2013
Ready for Inspection: An Interview with Valentin Groebner

This interview was first published in the Cabinet magazine in 2006. However the interview and topic is still interesting. In spring 2006, National Public Radio reported that over the past few years the agency responsible for issuing passports in Iraq has been flooded by requests from Sunni Muslims who have wanted to change their surnames. The rise in murders and other violent acts committed against Sunnis have apparently encouraged...

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Samuel Colt And His Passports

6 October, 2013
samuel colt

Samuel Colt a native of Hartford, Connecticut, is known as one of the greatest inventors and industrialists of the nineteenth century. He amassed a fortune manufacturing his well-known revolvers in Hartford and selling them in the United States and abroad. I stumbled upon a small batch of documents that includes four of his passports. Two of the passports were issued in 1849 (one from the US Legation in England...

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First International Passports (video)

3 October, 2013

This article was first posted at my website in July 2011 now updated and republished. First International (European) passports for Steel-Coal Community officials, Luxembourg – 7 October 1953 Steel-Coal Community officials going through customs and show their national passports. At the Steel-Coal Community headquarters in Luxembourg, M. Jean Monnet hands over their new European passports to several of his organization’s staff. After ceremony Mr. Reinz (Dutch) chief of Transport...

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The Passport From Princess Natalja Of Montenegro Is Back To It`s Family

13 June, 2013

By Géraldine Cerf de Dudzeele, Paris My grandmother was imposed her first marriage with Prince Mirko Petrovic-Njegos for the sake of political aims concerning Serbia and Montenegro. At that time, she was in love with her future second husband, my grandfather, Gaston Errembault de Dudzeele, who lived in Belgrade with his two sisters because his father was the Belgian ambassador to Serbia (1890-1898). Her husband made her unhappy because...

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Passport Fees Around The World

5 July, 2012

As I found out today the British Passport Office published a list of passport fees around the world. The mentioned fees there are significant lower than earlier reported by rushpassport.com and I belive the British Passport Office is a much more reliable source. The original PDF-file can be downloaded here. The new data are as follows. However please take a note also on the readers comments which are the...

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International Passport Collectors – First Meeting held in Berlin/Germany

15 May, 2012

BERLIN, May 12/13 – The place to be as passport collector Our small but fine group of passionate international passport collectors met at the Brandenburg Gate on Saturday evening for German food and beer. The participants from Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Singapore, UK and Switzerland truly showed commitment to the community by taking the efforts to come to Berlin. So it is my desire to thank you all for...

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