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26 September, 2014

I am glad to support you & to give you a professional statement on your items as expert, which includes a collectors value of your document. In return I would deeply appreciate a small donation (Donate box at lower left corner at the homepage) for telling you, if your collectible is worth $100, $500 or $5000! THANK YOU! Passports & their history is a most interesting and educating topic....

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The Worst eBay Experience EVER! (update)

31 July, 2015
ebay sucks

The buyer got the refund but don’t want to send me the document back but FORCE me to pay for a repair of the document! I tried to contact him for more than a week without any replay from him. I filed an appeal with eBay but (why no surprise) they can’t help me! WHY? Because they said the case is already closed and the private email exchange between...

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British Ships Passport – Island Of Jersey 1753

26 July, 2015
Castle Elizabeth, Jersey. Picture by Dan Marsh

A most rare document for any passionate passport collector! A mid 18th century (!) BRITISH SHIPS PASSPORT issued at the ISLAND OF JERSEY in the name of Honorable Colonel William Deane / Lt Governor of Jersey , Castle Elizabeth on 25 August 1753, signed by Deane including intact wax seal! Such ships passports are rare to find! This documents was issued 262 years ago to the ships master, Lewis Maloviun...

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11 July, 2015

Literature about passport history or passport collecting is rare to find therefore you will get here valuable guidelines written by experienced collectors. Are you a specialist in some passport collection field then you are very welcome to contact me to share your guideline with us. Thanks to all contributors. 1. German Empire Passports 2. Allied Military Travel Permits For Occupied Germany 3. Spanish Passports (Part I) (II) (III)  (IV)...

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11 July, 2015

I’m a fervent researcher & passport collector since 2003 when I explored the “Art” in old passports at some flea market in Kyoto, Japan. More than a decade now I study passports & their history. Travel documents telling the story of their bearer and it’s interesting and quite educating history. Who were they? What did they work? Why they traveled to China, India or USA in 1924 or in...

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18th Century Royal Protection Letter For Jewish Family

17 May, 2015
Prussian German Jewish Protection letter 1799p

As a side topic I do collect also protection letters & passes from the Holocaust which includes documents issued and signed by several “righteous diplomats”. But to get the chance to secure such a early document of Jewish-German-Polish history is outstanding! This folio protection letter for a Jew from Poland with name Moses Lewin from the City of Lodz (profession: tailor), received the  Royal protection and the right of...

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8 May, 2015

Here are the voices (testimonials) from collectors & readers… “Thank you very much for all your input and information. I will definitely refer your website to other people I know as I have quite a few friends and family members that have things of the similar nature. Thank you once again so very much” “Thank you for sharing your work as you give always an important glimpse into history...

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Titles included in British passports

8 February, 2015

Did you know? For detailed information on the correct use of titles that may be recorded on the personal details page of the passport, and the appropriate observation to be entered, see Observations in Passports. Titles of nobility Titles of nobility are part of a person’s name and identity, and for holders who use their title as part of their name for all purposes, the title should be entered...

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The curious case of Fred Lepkin

5 February, 2015
Fred Lepkin curious case

Fred Lepkin is a Canadian historian and an avid genealogist on the quest to uncover his family history. How I got in contact with Fred? Well, a relative of him was performing some online research and ends up at my website, to be more specific, at my article on a Travel Document with a Sugihara visa. Fred contacted me then by email asking for more details. I sent him...

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Senior SS Officer Passport – Karl von Krempler

29 January, 2015
Germany Karl von Krempler 1944 SS-004

Passports from such ranking SS-personnel are quite rare to spot. Here is one…and he had also a quite unusual task. This unusual document is for sale! Contact me via my contact form if you are interested! It writes Dragutin (Karl in Croatian) pl. (Von) Krempler. He didn’t have German citizenship. Karl von Krempler was SS Standartenführer and SS-und Polizeiführer during World War II responsible for recruiting Muslims from Bosnia...

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