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eBay US Customer Service Is Bottom Quality!

13 August, 2014
ebay sucks

eBay US Customer Service Is Bottom Quality and unfortunately the get away with it! Just another worse eBay experience! I listed a old obsolete US passport and eBay cancelled my listing within a few hours referring to the “Government & ID policy” and stating that I listed a non-US document. Obviously they are wrong but it doesn’t help as you can’t contact them to fix the issue. With the...

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24 May, 2014
Skorenzy passport lot-001-r100

OTTO AND ILSE SKORZENY’S PASSPORTSOTTO SKORZENY (1908 – 1975) Nazi officer and Hitler’s chief and favorite commando, he made a daring mountain-top rescue of Mussolini, placed english-speaking soldier in American uniforms to mislead American forces in the Bulge, and after the war headed the organization that helped hundreds of ex-SS officers flee Germany. Large important and revealing lot of passports, travel documents, membership cards, etc. owned and and used...

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Nicholas Winton – Saving Czech Jewish Kids in WWII

2 May, 2014

In 1938, London stockbroker Nicholas Winton decided to use his two weeks vacation to get to work. As violence began escalating against Jewish people in Europe, the 29-year-old traveled to Prague and ended up saving the lives of 669 children, mostly Jews, from almost certain death. Winton – now 104 – has spoken to CBS’ 60 Minutes about his incredible story, which included theft, forging documents and even blackmailing...

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Richard Ellis’s Life In 15 Passports

9 April, 2014
15 passports

Text & Pictures by Krissy Ellis, Kuwait I got in touch with Krissy while she was posting a picture of twelve UK passports and this pic made me curious, so I contacted her. Krissy was so kind to write about her father’s life who was working as “Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver” in the Middle East. For sure a challenging job at such places and time. Here is his story...

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Sugihara & Zwartendijk Visas On One Travel Document

29 March, 2014
Silberberg 1940

Sugihara & Zwartendijk – two of eighteen righteous diplomats which took enormous personal risks to rescue Jews and others facing persecution and peril. They were true heroes; indeed, they were among the foremost human rights defenders of their day. Due their actions thousands could escape Nazi Holocaust. Since I am collecting passports I was always interested in protection letters/passports and visas saving Jewish lifes. Thanks to my global network...

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UK Passport 1933 of a Secret Service Agent

11 January, 2014

This is a very unique document – a UK passport of a former SIS (MI-6) Agent! The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), often known as MI6, collects Britain’s foreign intelligence. The Service is based at Vauxhall Cross in London. Its Chief is Sir John Sawers. SIS provides Her Majesty’s Government with a global covert capability to promote and defend the national security and economic well-being of the United Kingdom. Meet...

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The Passport Of Peter Walker

30 December, 2013
The Passport Of Peter Walker

(by William Walker, UK) The Passport Of Peter Walker Read the great story of a UK navigator at a Wellington bomber during WW II.Thank you very much William for contacting me and share with us this amazing story and passport of your father. Peter Walker was born in 1915 on Christmas eve.He went to Hotel college in Lausanne during the pre-war years, leaving for England in July of 1939...

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A Collectors Story – Rita Hayworth

30 September, 2013
A Collectors Story – Rita Hayworth

This article was first published at my website in Sep 2011. Now updated and reposted. A Collectors Story – Rita Hayworth A few month ago there was a interesting item at a popular online auction website. The lot contains photographs and letters from Hollywood legend Rita Hayworth including a 1947 issued passport. I was contacting the seller as I wanted to purchase the passport only and made a decent...

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18 August, 2013
joe frazier1984

You just missed a most unique chance to grab a awesome collectible – THE PASSPORT OF JOE FRAZIER. The document comes direct from his last business manager and includes a reference letter. Frazier’s personal passport, number E474304, issued on March 12, 1984. Passport measures 3.5 x 5, and contains his printed personal information on the third page, signed at the bottom “Joseph Frazier.” Affixed on the adjoining page, opposite...

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Moving To The Third Generation Of Electronic Passports

22 July, 2013

Recognizing that electronic passports (ePassports) need to be protected for at least the next 10 to 20 years, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is introducing Supplemental Access Control (SAC), an additional security mechanism for the next generation of documents. The ICAO and the European Union (EU) have recently decided to enforce the use of this mechanism for all travel documents issued as of December 2014. As the industry...

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