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18 August, 2013
joe frazier1984

You just missed a most unique chance to grab a awesome collectible – THE PASSPORT OF JOE FRAZIER. The document comes direct from his last business manager and includes a reference letter. Frazier’s personal passport, number E474304, issued on March 12, 1984. Passport measures 3.5 x 5, and contains his printed personal information on the third page, signed at the bottom “Joseph Frazier.” Affixed on the adjoining page, opposite...

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Moving To The Third Generation Of Electronic Passports

22 July, 2013

Recognizing that electronic passports (ePassports) need to be protected for at least the next 10 to 20 years, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is introducing Supplemental Access Control (SAC), an additional security mechanism for the next generation of documents. The ICAO and the European Union (EU) have recently decided to enforce the use of this mechanism for all travel documents issued as of December 2014. As the industry...

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Passport of Ernst Munzinger – Member Of The 20 July 1944 Plot

20 July, 2013
Passport of Ernst Munzinger – Member Of The 20 July 1944 Plot

The following passport is of significant importance in German history as it’s bearer was a conspirator in the German Resistance and a member of the 20 July plot. Not often a collector get the chance to get in possession of such a document and when you get such a possibility you don’t think twice – you just grab it! This document is another highlight in my private German collection....

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WANTED…Your Old Passport(s)

24 June, 2013

 I WANT YOUR OLD OBSOLETE PASSPORTS! Passport collecting is a most interesting and educating leisure activity which is of growing interest to collectors. I am looking for any kind of travel documents which are OBSOLETE, complete and in good condition. Please read my Testimonials & References to get a impression of my service. CONTACT ME   Tom Topol Expert In Passports And Their History, Passport Collector & Editor Member...

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Albert Einstein Ministerialpass (Departmental Passport)

8 June, 2013
Albert Einstein Ministerialpass (Departmental Passport)

Well, I guess most collector’s don’t know that Albert Einstein held a German “Ministerialpass” (Departmental Passport). I was discovering this fact while investigating on another Ministerialpass. His passport is dated 11/18/1930 and issued for Einstein as member of the International Commission for Intellectual Cooperation of the League of Nations by the German Foreign Office. Total of 32 pages, 9 of them are specified or stamped. I found this information...

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Legal Notices On Passport Collecting

22 May, 2013

Legal Notices on Passport Collecting The purpose of this site is to establish a platform for collectors to share and exchange information, knowledge and collectibles and to raise awareness of passport collecting as a leisure activity. All passports presented on this website are obsolete and for research, educational & collection purposes only ! Passports as government property Most countries declare by law that passports are government property, and may...

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Nazi Germany Passport Of A (Concentration) Camp Leader

14 May, 2013

NS-Germany Passport 1944 issued in August 1943 to Ingeborg Bünzel who was a female Waffen-SS member and “Camp leader”, probably of a concentration camp. The document has some interesting entries and stamp and was 3 times renewed by the personal staff office of the Reichsführer-SS which is very unusual! The front-and back cover of the passport are loose and almost all stamps inside had been denazified.

Page 1:
Name of Ingeborg Irmgard Bünzel and a stamp by the Police President of Wesermünde. This stamp is not denazified.

Page 2:
Signature by Ingeborg Bünzel as well as stamp with signature by a Police Inspector of the Secret State Police President of Wesermünde. The name of the Inspctor was Carius. The photo of Ingeborg Bünzel was unfortunately removed.

Page 3:
Personal description of Ingeborg Bünzel such as:

Occupation: camp leader
Birth place: Wilhelmshaven
Birthday: 4.10.1926
Residence: Wesermünde
Shape: middle
Face: oval
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blond
Special marks: at the right and the left leg, scar at the knee

Page 4:
Large stamp print “National and Abroad”

This passport expire on 23. August 1944 – The Police President in Weseremünde, 24. August 1943, Police Inspector Carius

Page 5:
Renewal of the passport. Three stamps by the Reichsführer-SS – personal staff of the Reichsführer. The passport was renewed in November 1944 and in February 1945. On the third stamp print is a note which I can not read. The renewals by SS are quite unusual!

Page 6:
Large stamp in Slovenia language, signed in Berlin on 31.12.1943. Below is the stamp by the Slovenia Consulate in Berlin

Page 7:
Large Visa stamp as well as two stamp prints by the German Reich foreign office. Red control stamp by the Bratislava border and stamp by the German border police Vienna at the Reich bridge. Blown up in 1945 by order of Hitler. Large “Invalid” stamp

Page 8:
Large Visa stamp from Slovakia as well as three other stamps.

Page 9:
Visa stamp, consulate stamp and large “Invalid” stamp.

Page 10:
Visa stamp and red stamp from the “Generalgouvernement Bohemia & Moravia”. Stamp of the German boarder Police.

Page 11:
Large red stamp from Slovenia as well as three control stamps.

The passport was offered at eGreedy but was canceled by eGreedy censors. When I was contacting the German seller he already sold it to a collector in Argentina. Even in this bad condition the passport is  a quite interesting historical document. At least it’s documented and archived here at the website.


Collectors Meeting in Hong Kong & Bangkok

9 May, 2013
Collectors Meeting in Hong Kong & Bangkok

Passport Collectors Meeting in Hong Kong & Bangkok Again I had the chance to meet up with a new fellow collector in Hong Kong. JC is collecting modern passports and has a very nice collection. When we met I could see such passports like Vanuatu, San Marino (biometric), Hong Kong (biometric), Bangladesh (diplomatic), Kazakhstan (biometric) just to mention some outstanding documents of his collection. But I was also lucky...

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Passports: Political Statements Over Design And Colours (incl. video)

7 March, 2013
Passports: Political Statements Over Design And Colours (incl. video)

Some Asian nations are objecting to the new design for Chinese passports, which show China’s borders extending into disputed areas. Adam Fleming looked at why passports can be seen as political and emotive statements – even from the colour of their covers as some British people objected when the red EU-style design was adopted. He spoke to Martin Lloyd, author of The Passport, and to Lord Hannay, a former...

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My German passport found in Shanghai

8 December, 2012

(by PETER NASH, Sydney) My German passport found in Shanghai Sitting at the computer my wife Rieke knew something special had come into the ‘inbox’ and called me immediately. The unknown sender titled the Subject: “Lost Passport in Shanghai” – a topic with which I was familiar as I had initiated connections to owners of two German Passports a few years earlier. However, this time there was an attachment...

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