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German Empire Passports – Guideline

26 January, 2013
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Introduction Passport Collecting is a small but fine topic within the ephemera world. By today there are only few books or other sources available which discussing/describing this very interesting area of “paper collection”. Since I established the website PASSPORT-COLLECTOR.COM in September 2010, the amount of visitor is constantly growing and the website is well recognized by collectors and other interested groups. E.g. Collectorsweekly, About.com, Wikipedia, Ephemera Society in UK...

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My German passport found in Shanghai

8 December, 2012

(by PETER NASH, Sydney) My German passport found in Shanghai Sitting at the computer my wife Rieke knew something special had come into the ‘inbox’ and called me immediately. The unknown sender titled the Subject: “Lost Passport in Shanghai” – a topic with which I was familiar as I had initiated connections to owners of two German Passports a few years earlier. However, this time there was an attachment...

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Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma

15 November, 2012

Louis of Battenberg, the great grandson of Queen Victoria, and second cousin of George V, was born in Windsor, England, on 25th June, 1900. His father, Prince Louis of Battenberg, had been born in Austria. As a result of the anti-German feelings in Britain during the First World War the family changed its name from Battenberg to Mountbatten. Mountbatten was educated at Osborne and Dartmouth Royal Naval College (1913-16)....

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UPDATE On Passport Fees Around The World

5 July, 2012

As I found out today the British Passport Office published a list of passport fees around the world. The mentioned fees there are significant lower than earlier reported by rushpassport.com and I belive the British Passport Office is a much more reliable source. The original PDF-file can be downloaded here. The new data are as follows. However please take a note also on the readers comments which are the...

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Passport issued by Count Friedrich von Zeppelin 1828

2 June, 2012

I am very delighted to share with you this outstanding document which I could only acquire by support of a great fellow collector. Theo, you are the best! Again you made it possible! I wish I could do something for you soon too. Another great example of collector`s collaboration. You really contribute to our collector`s community in the very best way! Unfortunately there are others not understanding the value...

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Diplomats Who Saved Jews

10 February, 2012
Diplomats Who Saved Jews

Diplomats Who Saved Jews Importance of Documents Per Anger- Swedish Charge d’Affaires in Budapest, Hungary, 1944-45. Per Anger worked with Raoul Wallenberg in the Swedish Embassy. He personally intervened on behalf of Jews being deported to the Nazi death camps. Credited with saving thousands of Jews from the spring of 1944 until the end of the war in May 1945. Hiram Bingham – US Vice Consul in Marseilles, France,...

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US-Special Passport 1945

2 February, 2012

Very interesting post WWII passport related to Allied Forces in Europe (here Austria). Issued on April 6th 1945 for a lady which was “administrative assistant in the office of the special advisor on austrian affairs to the commanding general, mediterranean theatre of operations”. Full of very interesting visas. Sold at eBay for “only” $159. Congratulations to the winner for this very nice item. Enjoy the gallery… US-SPECIAL 1945

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Collectors Meeting in Zürich

30 January, 2012
Guido & Tom

It is always great to meet up with fellow collectors and to share stories and experience. Today I met Guido who works as pastor in a small Swiss community. We first met some months ago at a local flea market where I made promotion for passport collecting. Guido is a true specialist in records and email signs. He alrady had collected a few old passports but I belive since...

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Diplomatic Passport – Council of Foreign Ministers

1 August, 2011

(by Neil.K., Israel) The 4th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers, Moscow, March 10-April 24, 1947 Here is an interesting diplomatic passport issued in 1947 for the specific intention of attending this post-WW2 conference. The conference was held at Moscow and discussed where issues on post-war matters. Interesting that the US Secretary of State, only one month in the job, himself signed this passport when it was issued...

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18 July, 2011
A Queen

A look at the work of a Foreign Service Messenger (QUEEN’ S MESSENGER) as he makes a trip to Vienna. Found this newsreel film during some research which gives a great impression of the work of a QUEEN’S MESSENGER. Listen and watch carefully and you will learn a lot about reality & myth. Oh, and have you seen how huge (long) his Messenger Passport is? Amazing! Click the picture...

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