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Diplomatic Passport Sophie Schulze-Bernett

Germany Diplo 1942

Following up on her son’s passport here comes Sophie’s German diplomatic passport issued at the Foreign Office in Berlin 24 August 1942. The wording in the document says… “Issued to Sophie Schulze-Bernett, spouse of the “adjutant” of the military attache…

Italian Diplomatic Passport 1943

Italy Diplomatic 1943-007

This is the first document of this type I ever could acquire and it has a beautiful hidden feature – a fantastic & unusual watermark! Besides that the document was issued to a military attache in Ankara, Turkey. Several diplomatic…

Belgium Diplomatic Passports 1954

Belgium Diplo 1954

These are the diplomatic passports of Gilbert Mullie (Senator, Chairman of the Farmers Union, President of the Catholic party) and his wife. Both documents looks like printed yesterday and are in fantastic mint condition. His passport was used for travel…