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Ebay’s (U.S.) Statement On Listing Old Passports

17 August, 2015
3 monkeys

It was actually a simple question for eBay but read by yourself how incompetent and really stupid their customer service replied. Just another proof of their most worse customer service. I was asking this question A.) to get best legal security for our collectors community B.) to get an official eBay statement C.) to show eBay that they don’t even follow there own policy. By the way the same...

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Nazi Service Passport 1943 Capt Loewe

14 August, 2015

A fantastic and unique document lot which consists on three (3) Nazi Service passports (Dienstpass) & Soldbuch of him, his daughter and wife  and letters from Captain Hans Loewe to/from his family when he was at the Civilian Internment Camp 1 (British Internment Camp Gardeland) near the German city of Neumünster. The camp was on the terrain of the company Lederfabrik Emil Köster. Interestingly, two of the cards bear his...

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East German (GDR) Passport 1958 With USA Visa

7 August, 2015

A very interesting collectible! This East German passport was issued 1958 and was valid till 1968. The “cool” thing here is a GDR exit-visa for the U.S.A. The passport was issued at Brandenburg/Havel on 15 February 1958 and was valid till 14 August 1958. A 1950s GDR passport is already hard to find but a document with such a visa is almost unique! However it seems she didn’t made...

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The Worst eBay Experience EVER! (update)

31 July, 2015
ebay sucks

The buyer got the refund but don’t want to send me the document back but FORCE me to pay for a repair of the document! I tried to contact him for more than a week without any replay from him. I filed an appeal with eBay but (why no surprise) they can’t help me! WHY? Because they said the case is already closed and the private email exchange between...

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11 July, 2015

Literature about passport history or passport collecting is rare to find therefore you will get here valuable guidelines written by experienced collectors. Are you a specialist in some passport collection field then you are very welcome to contact me to share your guideline with us. Thanks to all contributors. 1. German Empire Passports 2. Allied Military Travel Permits For Occupied Germany 3. Spanish Passports (Part I) (II) (III)  (IV)...

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Passport Applications: A Rich Genealogical Resource

7 July, 2015

Patricia O’Brien Shawker , “Passport Applications: A Rich Genealogical Resource,” OnBoard 13 (May 2007): 12-13. Passport applications can be an excellent source of genealogical information for ancestors who were known to have worked or traveled outside the United States. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) has the passport applications, not the actual passports, that were issued by the State Department from October 1795 through 31 March 1925. The...

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Surrender On Demand – Varian Fry In Nazi Occupied France

20 June, 2015
Fry place

When I started to read his book “Surrender on Demand – Rescue of German Emigrants in Marseilles 1940/41 “ I was instantly caught by his work and stories. You get a vivid impression how Paris was at that time when it was occupied by the Nazis and how dangerous it was for refugees and enemies of the Third Reich. This article will give you some kind of book review...

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17 June, 2015

ADEN – BRITISH TERRITORY 1959 ADEN PROTECTORATE MUKALLA QUAITI STATE (British Territory) Excellent condition, great traditional passport picture of a young man , visas and several Arabic revenue stamps, 32 pages. A very rare document for collectors. AUSTRIA 1828 excellent condition and with dry paper seal in great shape 1829 excellent condition and with nice dry paper seal 1857 very good condition, woman travelling to Russia, large double folio...

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18th Century Royal Protection Letter For Jewish Family

17 May, 2015
Prussian German Jewish Protection letter 1799p

As a side topic I do collect also protection letters & passes from the Holocaust which includes documents issued and signed by several “righteous diplomats”. But to get the chance to secure such a early document of Jewish-German-Polish history is outstanding! This folio protection letter for a Jew from Poland with name Moses Lewin from the City of Lodz (profession: tailor), received the  Royal protection and the right of...

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11 May, 2015

Espacing the Holocaust – Budapest, Hungary 1944 The Nazis took over Budapest in 1944 and wanted to deport finally as much as possible Jews to death camps in the East. Mostly to Auschwitz  – the largest Nazi facility for systematic mass murder. But there was one man, a Swiss man – Vice-Consul CARL LUTZ which negotiated a special deal with the Hungarian government and the Nazis. He gained permission...

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