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First Federal Republic Of Germany Passport

31 March, 2015
BRD 1950 NY

As a vivid researcher and collector of German passports it gives me today a great pleasure to display the very first “Federal Republic Of Germany” passport. After WWII Germany was occupied by the Allied Forces and was divided in four sectors. During six years passports, travel permits etc were issued only by the Allied Forces Travel Board. On Feb 1, 1951 finally the power to issue passports was given...

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Tränenpalast РBorder Crossing РEast Germany

1 March, 2015

The Tränenpalast (English: “Palace of Tears”) is the Berlin colloquialism for the former border crossing at Berlin Friedrichstraße station, where East Germans said goodbye to visitors going back to West Germany. From 1962 to 1989 it was the border crossing for travellers by S-bahn, U-bahn and train between East and West Germany. It was used only for westbound border crossings, with separate checkpoints for West Berliners, West Germans, foreigners,...

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Swiss Protection Letter 1945, Germany

27 October, 2014
Swiss Schutzbrief 1945-vert1

When it comes to such Protection Letters I do have quite experience with such documents life saving for Jews during the Holocaust issued by several countries. But this type is not often to spot. The cardboard printed in German and Russian language with a huge Swiss Red Cross is stating as follows. “The personal belongings and artworks in this house (address is following) of the Swiss citizen, Arthur Josef...

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Diplomatic ID-Card Nazi Germany

28 July, 2014
Germany Diplomatenausweis-r100

Not a diplomatic passport but a diplomatic ID card of a captain of the German Navy which was a supporting officer to the Military Attache at the Embassy of the Independent State of Croatia in Berlin. A nice and rare document, issued 1944. Enjoy

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Nazi Germany Passport Issued In Luxembourg

28 May, 2014
Himmler in Luxembourg

Nazi Germany Passport Issued In Luxembourg Here comes a very nice addition to my own collection. A German passport issued at the German Embassy in Luxembourg 17 Oct 1939 – just three weeks after WWII begun and eight month before Nazi Germany occupied Luxembourg in Mai 1940. Pay attention to the handwritten remark on page one as it’s stated “Tsch.Pass No.318 v. 14.4.1923, Paris”. So it looks like the...

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The Earliest Passport Of Federal Germany

18 March, 2014
Germany_BRD 1951 Feb-009-r100

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Nazi Germany Diplomatic Passport

3 February, 2014

Nazi Germany Diplomatic Passport – Printing Sample Well as a collector you know this passport type is one of the most rarest and most desired collectible. This is a genuine printing sample for a Diplomatic Passport produced 1938 by the German Federal Printing Office in Berlin. The sample has only four pages and comes in mint condition ! Of course a well traveled Nazi Diplomatic passport would be much...

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Departmental Passport (Ministerialpass) – Germany

13 January, 2014

Once again I have to thank my good fellow collector for giving me the chance to aquire this rare Departmental Passport of the Federal Republik of Germany by connecting me to the seller. This type of passport is very hard to find and I am happy to got it for my own collection. truly excellent condition 32 pages issued Oct 1971 for a colonel and commander of the 7th...

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ID-Card For Members Of The Consular Service – Munich/Germany 1976

2 December, 2013

Not a passport but however a interesting document which you also don’t see often.  “Ausweis für Mitglieder des Konsularkorps”. This ID-Card for Members of the Consular Service was issued to Honorary Consul of the Republic of Uganda, Dr. Hans Christian Kopf. It is stated that the bearer should be allowed to travel freely and unhindered but at the same time it is stated this document is NOT a passport!...

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Nazi Germany Passport issued in LUXEMBOURG (RRRR)

24 November, 2013

This passport was issued on 17 October 1939 to Michael Flügel, his wife and two children just a few weeks after WWII begun but well before the German occupation of Luxembourg in May 1940. Another great item to my collection as German passports issued in Luxembourg are extremely hard to find. ________________________________________________________________________________ The Luxembourgish government had pursued a policy of neutrality since the “Luxembourg Crisis” of 1867 had highlighted...

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