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Nazi Germany Passport issued in LUXEMBOURG (RRRR)

24 November, 2013
Nazi Germany Passport issued in LUXEMBOURG (RRRR)

This passport was issued on 17 October 1939 to Michael Flügel, his wife and two children just a few weeks after WWII begun but well before the German occupation of Luxembourg in May 1940. Another great item to my collection as German passports issued in Luxembourg are extremely hard to find. ________________________________________________________________________________ The Luxembourgish government had pursued a policy of neutrality since the “Luxembourg Crisis” of 1867 had highlighted...

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Holocaust – Emigration From Germany

24 July, 2013
Holocaust – Emigration From Germany

Holocaust – Emigration from Germany At the time of the Nazi takeover in 1933, there were over 500,000 Jews in Germany.  Initially, the Nazis encouraged emigration from Germany but placed few restrictions on the amount of property Jews could take with them.  Over time, however, the German government imposed ever increasing emigration taxes and restrictions on the amount of money which could be transferred abroad from Germany.  By November,...

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Traveling In Wartime Germany, Austria & Turkey Under A False Passport

16 July, 2013

Traveling In Wartime Germany, Austria & Turkey Under A False Passport(by Jim Grundy, Great War Forum) One of the stranger stories to be reported in Hucknall was that of a journalist, Harold Jeffrey Darnton-Fraser, who spoke at a recruiting rally in Hucknall on 27th July 1915 in support of local V.C. winner, James Upton, 1st Notts. & Derby. In the course of his address, Darnton-Fraser, said to be working...

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Wander Book (Wanderbuch) Germany 1845

28 June, 2013

Actually I do not collect Wander books but this one got my attention as it is the most extensive traveled wander book I ever saw. Issued 1845 by the Kingdom of Bavaria to a journeyman named “Reither”. The book has 145 pages and ALL pages are full with entries and stamps. Some pages have 3-4 entries and I was counting a total of 306 different entries. All was done...

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The Very Last Nazi-Germany Passport

25 June, 2013
Last_PP_of_3rdReich1945 (Klein)

After a Australian reader was asking me if his mothers passport issued 5th April 1945 was the last Nazi-Germany passport I can tell now clearly – almost. As what you find here seems to be the very last passport issued by the Nazi regime. Thanks to fellow collector N.K. for sending in this interesting document from a 15 years young German boy. The passport was issued on 4th May...

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The Last Nazi-Germany Passport?

10 June, 2013
Germany Alien 5 April 1945small

“Is this the last Nazi-Germany passport?”. Trough my website I always get many requests from people around the world looking asking for support. A reader from Canada sent me a message including the pictures of this Nazi-Germany Alien Passport and was asking “Is this the last Nazi-Germany passport?”. Well, I believe the change is high that this document is truly one of the very last issued passports. As you...

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Refugee Documents – Post War Germany

20 May, 2013

This extensive lot of Refugee documens which I got recently is a awesome Refugee story about a Estonian couple in early post war Germany emigrating to USA after waiting five years in Refugee camps in Germany managed by International Refugee Organization (IRO). There are dozens of handwritten letters in Estonian language which I can’t read but many documents in English or German and from the IRO and War Relief...

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Nazi Germany Passport Of A (Concentration) Camp Leader

14 May, 2013

NS-Germany Passport 1944 issued in August 1943 to Ingeborg Bünzel who was a female Waffen-SS member and “Camp leader”, probably of a concentration camp. The document has some interesting entries and stamp and was 3 times renewed by the personal staff office of the Reichsführer-SS which is very unusual! The front-and back cover of the passport are loose and almost all stamps inside had been denazified. Page 1: Name of...

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Diplomatic Passport Of East Germanys Minister Of State Security (STASI)

13 December, 2012

Diplomatic Passport Of East Germany’s Minister Of State Security (STASI) This is the East German Diplomatic Passport of Erich Mielke (December 28, 1907 – May 21, 2000) a German Communist politician and Minister of State Security of the German Democratic Republic from 1957 to 1989. A hard-line Stalinist, he spent several years in the Soviet Union. Mielke held the military rank of four star Army General. In 1993, he...

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International Passport Collectors – First Meeting held in Berlin/Germany

15 May, 2012

BERLIN, May 12/13 – The place to be as passport collector Our small but fine group of passionate international passport collectors met at the Brandenburg Gate on Saturday evening for German food and beer. The participants from Belgium, France, Germany, Romania, Singapore, UK and Switzerland truly showed commitment to the community by taking the efforts to come to Berlin. So it is my desire to thank you all for...

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