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US History – Philippines Islands Passport

16 June, 2014
US Philippines Islands 1916-r100

US History – Philippines Islands Passport I guess not many people in the USA today know that the Philippines once were US territory. After the Spanish–American War the Philippines were acquired from Spain and remained US territory from 1898-1946. This passport is from the period of the Insular Government (1901-1935) when Francis Burton Harrison was Governor General of the Philippines. He was by the way the longest serving Governor...

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USN Commander James V. Rowney – Pearl Harbor / Midway

4 April, 2014
USA Special 1955 for a Commander

Not often you find a passport like this! It’s not only a pretty US Special Passport (1955) in almost mint and unused condition but it belonged once to a WWII (Pearl Harbor & Midway) and Korea war experienced US Navy Commander. James Victor Rowney was born (November 11, 1917) in Baltimore, MD. Rowney belonged to the Maryland National Guard (1935-1937) and U.S. Naval Reserve (1937). He received an appointment...

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Sugihara & Zwartendijk Visas On One Travel Document

29 March, 2014
Silberberg 1940

Sugihara & Zwartendijk – two of eighteen righteous diplomats which took enormous personal risks to rescue Jews and others facing persecution and peril. They were true heroes; indeed, they were among the foremost human rights defenders of their day. Due their actions thousands could escape Nazi Holocaust. Since I am collecting passports I was always interested in protection letters/passports and visas saving Jewish lifes. Thanks to my global network...

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German Passport 1940, Tientsin

12 March, 2014
Germany Tientsin Aug 1945-001-r100

THIS is absolutely a super rare German passport issued by the Nazis 1940 in TIENTSIN, CHINA! Look at the huge Chinese stamp with Swastika. The passport was issued to 26 year young Marianna Gosewisch. As you see in the document details she was even born in China 1914. Her passport was valid till 13 August 1945 but was once more renewed by the “GERMAN OFFICE” in TIENTSIN until 13...

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Departmental Passport (Ministerialpass) – Germany

13 January, 2014

Once again I have to thank my good fellow collector for giving me the chance to aquire this rare Departmental Passport of the Federal Republik of Germany by connecting me to the seller. This type of passport is very hard to find and I am happy to got it for my own collection. truly excellent condition 32 pages issued Oct 1971 for a colonel and commander of the 7th...

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Chinue Sugihara – The Conspiracy of Kindness

9 January, 2014

Here is a video documentation in six parts made by the History Channel telling the story of Chinue Sugihara. Watch all parts to understand what he did to save Jewish lives. Chiune Sugihara (1 January 1900 – 31 July 1986) was a Japanese diplomat who served as Vice-Consul for the Empire of Japan in Lithuania. During World War II, he helped several thousand Jews leave the country by issuing...

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Galeazzo Ciano – Foreign Minister of Fascist Italy – Diplomatic Passport

24 December, 2013

Galeazzo Ciano – Foreign Minister of Fascist Italy – Diplomatic Passport Galeazzo Ciano, dei conti di Cortellazzo, was born on 18 March 1903 at Leghorn, the son of Admiral Costanzo Ciano, an Italian hero of World War I and an early supporter of Mussolini. After gaining his degree young Ciano dabbled for a time in journalism and then in 1925 entered the Italian diplomatic service. He served briefly at...

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CHINA 1940 – Passport (permit) for a English Boy in Tianjin

28 May, 2013
Tianjin passport 1940

CHINA 1940 – Passport (permit) for a English Boy in Tianjin China – Chinese passport (permit) to an English boy born 1925 which is entitled to the limits of military guards in Tianjin, to cross by presenting this certificate, issued in 1940, with photo. On July 30, 1937, Tianjin fell to Japan, as part of the Second Sino-Japanese War, but was not entirely occupied, as the Japanese for the...

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Elton John Passport sold for 8012$

26 February, 2013

  John’s personal passport, number 926588, issued by the United Kingdom on February 18, 1972. Passport measures 4 x 6, and contains his personal information written in another hand on the second page, including his profession as “Musician,” signed at the bottom with his full name, “Elton Hercules John.” Affixed on the adjoining page, opposite the personal information page is John’s 1.5 x 1.75 passport snapshot. The first few...

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Passport Fees Around The World

5 July, 2012

As I found out today the British Passport Office published a list of passport fees around the world. The mentioned fees there are significant lower than earlier reported by rushpassport.com and I belive the British Passport Office is a much more reliable source. The original PDF-file can be downloaded here. The new data are as follows. However please take a note also on the readers comments which are the...

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