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Nazi Germany Passport Nanking 1945 Manchuria

26 May, 2015
Germany 1941 Nanking

A great piece of (passport) history. German passport issued in Berlin 17 April 1941 for Charlotte Zimmermann, resident of Nanking, China. Passport extended in Peking 30 September 1941. Several visa for China (Manchuria) and Russia. Extension of the passport again in Nanking 29 April 1945 and valid till 29 April 1947. Too bad I missed to grab this great document. The Nanking Massacre or Nanjing Massacre, also known as...

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Harbin (China) Passports Before Japanese Occupation

27 March, 2014
No 231

(Text and pictures from our fellow collector Neil K., Israel) One of the most exciting, disturbing and historically important part of the conflict in Asia, during the 20th century, was the invasion of North East China in 1931 by Japan. And, without any consideration of the events before and after, travel was always important, to and from the region.Here we can find two interesting travel documents: A passport issued...

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3rd Reich Diplomatic Passport

21 September, 2011

 As you might know my private collection contains German documents only. My oldest passport is from 1646 from a German duchess and another one from 1796 for a French Nobleman issued in South of Germany (escaping the French Revolution). Well, what you see here is a much younger passport but not less interesting. A NS-Diplomatic passport in excellent condition issued 1940 in Berlin at the German Foreign Office. The...

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German Passport 1939, Shanghai

20 October, 2010

The passport was issued 13 June 1939 at the German General Consulate in SHANGHAI to businessman Otto Frössel. What is truly interesting about it that is has visas to the USSR from December 1939, made at the north-eastern Chinese city of Harbin. Then there are the entry cancellations through the Russian frontiers. This is due to the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact several months before. The holder then gets an entry visa...

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