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Alien Passport – Free City of Danzig

29 January, 2011
Alien PP_Danzig1939a-r100

Very nice and rare item issued on 03-27-39 in Danzig (Germany at that time – now Poland) for a locksmith. In the passport it is stated “nationality: stateless”. Alien passports of Danzig are quite rare and this is the first I saw. Nice condition. Unfortunately my bidding was not successful. Congratulations to the seller and winner who pays $257 (a fair price for this collectible in my opinion). Alien...

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Another 3rd Reich “Dienstpass”

23 January, 2011

Currently I was lucky to catch a second “Dienstpass” from 3rd Reich but gladly in much better condition as my other one. By my knowledge and feedback from other collectors it seems there are only 12 passports of this type in collector’s hands. Two collectors reported that they have a blank one (unissued) in their collection. One is from 1940 (Nr. 02592 U/40). Thanks for the feedback Jonathan and...

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1684 Flanders – rare early passport

21 January, 2011

Rare Original Passport from 1684 with Wax Seal of the French Sun King Louis XIV Issued in Versailles for travel in Flanders in today’s Belgium Seventeenth Century Passport from Historic Flanders Authorized by the King Valid for 1 Month from 22 June 1684 Passports this Early are Very Rare Flanders, 1684. Original passport printed during the reign of King Louis XIV of France, with the king’s coat of arms...

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19 January, 2011

TAIPING REBEL PASS CIRCA 1870 I am not sure of the exact date of this but I know it was in the mid to late 1800s.  This is a pass allowing the bearer to travel into rebel held territory with the rebel seal attached. This was sent by O. B. Bradford to his daughter Josie and is in an official Consulate General of the United States Shanghai, China envelope. ...

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Chinese Consular Passport – $898

14 January, 2011
CN consular passport 1882

Chinese Consular Passport, San Francisco, 1882 Original partly printed Chinese Consular Passport issued by the Chinese Consul General’s office in San Francisco, allowing Wong Tuck Young to travel in the US.  He is described as a subject of the Emperor of China, Kwong Su, and his physical description appears at left.  Embossed seal of the consular office at lower left, with document dated September 30, 1882.  The integral leaf...

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8 January, 2011

Nice auction result for this beautiful item. Congratulations to seller and buyer who pays 213 USD.

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Bond author’s passport sells for premium

23 December, 2010

A passport used by James Bond creator Ian Fleming for a real-life spying mission has sold for more than five times more than expected at £15,525. The single-page, temporary diplomatic document was sold by auction at Sotheby’s in London. Commander Fleming was issued the document during World War II. His mission was to travel to Gibraltar to gather secrets on the military plans of Spain’s fascist government. The first...

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Bulgarian Nansen Passport

15 November, 2010
Bulgarian Nansen Passport

A Nansen passport is not often available, especially not this booklet types which are much rarer than the folios.

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Vintage 1921 Memel Territory passport

12 November, 2010

EXTREMELY RARE vintage MEMEL TERRITORY (now in Lithuania) passport issued August 23, 1921 in Memel.  Three languages : French, German and Lithuanian. FULL of stamps and visas. Light green cover. 16 pages.  Good condition. 4″ x 5.5″ – 10 x 14cm. Congratulations to seller and buyer who spend 266$US.

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Costa Rica 1966

27 October, 2010

This Costa Rica Passport from 1966 was sold for 59US$. Excellent condition. Congratulations to the buyer who got this fine item for his collection.

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