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28 November, 2014

Currently you have the chance to grab a document of significant French history – the passport of later Chief of State (Chef de l’État Français) of Vichy France (1940 to 1944). Pétain, who was 84 years old in 1940, ranks as France’s oldest head of state. It is not a diplomatic passport as the seller describes but it’s still a great item to enrich your collection as such documents you...

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What does your passport mean to you?

23 September, 2014

What does your passport mean to you? It might represent your nationality or your ability to live and work in a certain country. Perhaps it reminds you of having your passport photo taken – a traumatic experience even for the most photogenic – or of the frequently infuriating bureaucracy of visas and entry requirements that overseas travel can entail. Some see the sheer fact of owning a passport as...

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French Passport on Sheep Skin (!)

16 August, 2014

Well, here just an example of a readers request for support… Subject: 19th Century French PassportThis is a very unusual passport in that it is dated 1801 and printed on sheepskin. The owner contacted me to help him place an insurance value on it because he now lives in Houston, TX, not Paris. Can you help a little bit? Please. The dimensions are 19″ x 21″ for the piece...

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French Passport 1602

24 July, 2014

French passport (4 pages)  dated June 1602 with secretarial signature of King Henry IV of France. A later note on the back indicates that this passport was issued to the Philip William, Prince of Orange (1554-1618) for travel through Flanders and Burgundy. The handwritten document has four entries, each signed by two people and dated July 1602. There are remains of a wax seal. What a fantastic early travel...

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British Passport 1792 FITZGERALD Lord Robert Stephen

8 June, 2014

BRITISH PASSPORT 1792 FITZGERALD LORD ROBERT STEPHEN – PASSPORT TO CROSS SWITZERLAND … to allow free passage MISTER PAIJOL officer in the regiment of the Marquis of Autichamps serving his Britannic majesty going to join his body Dusseldorf Germany,  signed passport valid for two months,  BERNE 1 October 1792, signature ROBERT FITZGERALD Minister, good general condition is back with two beautiful wax seals in very good condition some old...

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Louis Joseph, Duke of Vendome, Passport 1704

28 January, 2014

Louis Joseph, Duke of Vendome, Passport 1704 Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Duke of Vendôme (Louis Joseph; 1 July 1654 – 11 June 1712) was a French military commander during the War of the Grand Alliance and War of the Spanish Succession, Marshal of France. Vendôme was one of the most remarkable soldiers in the history of the French army. He had, besides the skill and the fertile imagination of...

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5 January, 2014

IMPORTANT FRENCH PASSPORT 1827 SIGNED BY PRINCE JULES DE POLIGNAC (FRENCH STATESMAN and PRIME MINISTER) Made out in “de Polignac’s” autograph for Anne Russell, native d’angleterre’, who is traveling ‘a Calais ou Boulogne’. Signed by French Ambassador in Britain, Prince Jules de Polignac, signed by her and secretary  Comte de Flavigny. Numbered 5627. Stamped on the reverse, with a signed note in another hand. This document comes from the...

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19 October, 2013

Boundary between Saarland (later part of Germany) and France – 30.01.1935 Pan across following bridge over river. Policemen check passport of man traveling in car over bridge. Police check papers of man walking across bridge. Sign on wall ‘Kleinblittersdorf’. (Place on Saar side of border). Car drives past border post. Border guard. Car at border. Cars have to be checked on both side of the boundary.

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LUDVIG XVI, King Of France, Passport

12 September, 2013

LUDVIG XVI,  King of France. Passport, printed and handwritten, signed “Louis”, for m. Felix Soffiet “fabriquant de bas”, for a journey from Paris to Gothenburg. Dated Versailles March 3 1782, 1 page in folio, some tears in the foldings. Countersigned De Vergennes. Charles Gravier, comte de Vergennes (20 December 1717 – 13 February 1787) was a French statesman and diplomat, French Foreign Minister at the time of the American...

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Passport – International Permanent Armistice Commission

23 July, 2013
International Permanent Armistice Commission

Passport (Passierschein) incl. Photo of the International Permanent Armistice Commission , issued by the Railway Headquarters in Mainz for the assistant Johann Baptist Rathgeber. He can not be arrested nor be imprisoned. He must be well treated and is under the protection of the Allied Armies! Interesting document of WWI. The German Armistice Commission in 1918 (in short: WaKo) was compiled end of the First World War and the...

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