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28 October, 2012
collective passport uk

Did you know that collective passports are still issued in UK and Malta? This document is a collective passport for children on an organised trip. The group leader must also carry his/her full GBR passport. Each child listed on page 2 of the collective passport must carry a identity card bearing his/her photograph. Even Family passports, where you can see husband, wife and children in one document are still...

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Sovereign Military Order of Malta

25 June, 2011

Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) Actually it is quite unusual that a sovereign religious (military) order with his 13.000 member can hold his own passports. Even when a Roman Catholic and almost 1000 years old order of chivalry. Imagine if e.g. the “Official Chuch of Scientology” would have their own passports (including diplomatic versions)? The United Nations have also their passports or to be more precise a “Laissez-passer”...

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Military Order of Malta

4 June, 2011

Older but interesting report including pictures about the passport (ePassport) of this small European country. Read/download the full report as PDF here… According to the report for this passport you need to pay up to $50.000 on the black market… Thanks to Gil S. for providing these pages from the Keesing Journal 15/2005.

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