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Swiss Passport History (German)

7 December, 2013

Source: SF (Swiss TV) with 54 photos Wie der Pass rot wurde… Einen Pass zu haben, erscheint uns als selbstverständlich. Dabei gibt es das kleine Büchlein noch keine 100 Jahre. Und seine mittlerweile klassische Farbe Rot bekam der Schweizer Pass auch erst vor 50 Jahren verpasst. Das Wort «Pass» leitet sich vom lateinischen «passare» ab, was so viel wie «durchgehen» oder «passieren» heisst. Die Entwicklung des Passes ist eng...

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WANTED…Your Old Passport(s)

24 June, 2013

  I WANT YOUR OLD OBSOLETE PASSPORTS! Passport collecting is a most interesting and educating leisure activity which is of growing interest to collectors. I am looking for any kind of travel documents which are OBSOLETE, complete and in good condition. Please read my Testimonials & References to get a impression of my service.   Tom Topol Expert In Passports And Their History, Passport Collector & Editor Member of...

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Zürich Passport Office Want’s Passport Returned

16 April, 2013

Our fellow collector G.J. from Germany sent in this interesting document of the Zürich passport office. I believe its from the 70/80s or maybe earlier, the date cant be clearly identified. Actually the document is saying that Mr. Brüninger has past away and his passport should be returned (not shall) to the passport office. I never saw such a document before and I’m convinced such actions will nowadays not...

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UPDATE On Passport Fees Around The World

5 July, 2012

As I found out today the British Passport Office published a list of passport fees around the world. The mentioned fees there are significant lower than earlier reported by and I belive the British Passport Office is a much more reliable source. The original PDF-file can be downloaded here. The new data are as follows. However please take a note also on the readers comments which are the...

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Collecting passports is of increasing interest

27 May, 2011

Do you still have the passports from your ancestors? Look into your dusty boxes in your basement or attic maybe you have a nice treasure there. Not necessary of big money value but of historical value. Nowadays passports are uniform even when some countries have very interesting passport design. But look at a old passport…the beautiful handwritting, the colorful stamps and revenues and last but not least the fantastic...

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27 September, 2010

Dear fellow passport collectors here is the new website for collectors of historical passports and other travel documents. Here you will find interesting news, reports and pictures related to travel documents. You are very welcome to contribute to this site with your valuable input and experience. Make your post. I always try to answer also any questions related to this topic. ENJOY the site… ABOUT ME… My name is...

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