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15 October, 2013

SIR W. CHURCHILL US-CITIZENSHIP Washington D.C., United States of America (USA) & London – 15.04.1963 In 1963 Sir Winston Churchill was honored by President J.F.K. with honory US citizenship. You can see how this special passport is handed over to Churchill’s son during the proclamation. Unfortunately you don’t see the document in detail. Wonder where this passport is today? White House. Guests assembled for the Proclamation of Sir Winston...

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First International Passports (video)

3 October, 2013

This article was first posted at my website in July 2011 now updated and republished. First International (European) passports for Steel-Coal Community officials, Luxembourg – 7 October 1953 Steel-Coal Community officials going through customs and show their national passports. At the Steel-Coal Community headquarters in Luxembourg, M. Jean Monnet hands over their new European passports to several of his organization’s staff. After ceremony Mr. Reinz (Dutch) chief of Transport...

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Immigration Officer Ian Foot (Video)

1 May, 2012

Attention: Comedy! Come Fly With Me – BBC One

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Lithuanian Passport Exhibition (video)

29 September, 2011

Many thanks to our fellow collector Vytis who shared this with us. Siauliai County Police Police Museum presented an impressive collection of passports issued in Lithuania. The exhibition includes the oldest, even before the First World War, Lithuania to identity documents. This collection assembled by the exhibition and Šiauliai City District Court Judge Alfred Vilbikas. But as a collector you could “cry” when you see how the documents are...

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The Man Behind the Badge (video)

24 August, 2011

The man behind the badge – US Immigration agent in 1955

An US immigration agent goes undercover to bust up a fake passport scheme. Great writing here and a fascinating story. Original Air Date: February 26, 1955

Thank you for this great link, Theo!


League Of Nations Assembly 1926 (video)

30 July, 2011

7th assembly of the League of Nations; 1926 Germany joins League – Geneva, Sep 8, 1926 2 very rare silent video about the assembly! Beside Germany joins the League, the number of non-permanent Members elected by the Assembly to the Council increases from 6 to 9 and Spain gives notice of withdrawal from the League of Nations. Earlier that year the passport conference was held in May. Shot looking...

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18 July, 2011
A Queen

A look at the work of a Foreign Service Messenger (QUEENS MESSENGER) as he makes a trip to Vienna. Found this newsreel film during some research which gives a great impression of the work of a QUEENS MESSENGER. Listen and watch carefully and you will learn a lot about reality & myth. Oh, and have you seen how huge (long) his Messenger Passport is? Amazing! Click the picture to...

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Electronic Chip in the New US Passport (video)

3 July, 2011

How much better will the new US passports work now as they have an electronic chip implemented? Thanks to YahushaTheKing for this video! Earlier the US Government had some problems with it’s passport as there was some issues with the outsourced chip manufacturer in Thailand.

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The Nansen Passport (incl. Video)

8 June, 2011

The National Archives Of Norway published a excellent website about the Nansen Passport with nice pictures and detailed background information. The idea for the Nansen passport came from a representative from the International Red Cross, Edouard August Frick. In the autumn of 1921, he proposed an identity card that could work as a passport recognized through international agreements. Frick named it “the Nansen passport”. Hugh McKinnon, second in command...

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Allies Sign Control Law For Germany (Video)

21 April, 2011

1945/06/14 “The Allied Control Commission for the conduct of affairs in civil Germany is brought into being by the military signatories for hte four powers who will administer the quadruple occupation of Germany. General Eisenhower signs for the United States, Marshal Montgomery for the British, Marshal Zhukov for the Soviets and General de Tassigny for France.” scenes of agreement signed at Zhukov’s headquarters in Berlin. GI’s Tour Hitler’s Headquarters...

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