The Nansen Passport (incl. Video)

The National Archives Of Norway published a excellent website about the Nansen Passport with nice pictures and detailed background information.

The idea for the Nansen passport came from a representative from the International Red Cross, Edouard August Frick. In the autumn of 1921, he proposed an identity card that could work as a passport recognized through international agreements. Frick named it “the Nansen passport”. Hugh McKinnon, second in command in the League of Nations’ legal department, handled the details.

Visit the original site here…for full text and pictures.

By the way…Nansen was Norways first ambassador to England in 1905 just in the same year when Norway gained independence from Sweden(!)

Fridtjof Nansen – a man of action and vision

2 comments for “The Nansen Passport (incl. Video)

  1. Evert Moes
    15 March, 2013 at 05:01

    Is there a list of names for persons to whom a Nansen Passport was issued? Or an archive which could look up names for researchers?

    • 15 March, 2013 at 16:01

      Hi Evert, excellent question. These types of documents were issued as the ordinary passport at the local passport office so the only register might be there. By my best knowledge there was no central registration of Nansen passports. Best Tom.

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