As you might know my private collection contains German documents only. My oldest passport is from 1646 from a German duchess and another one from 1796 for a French Nobleman issued in South of Germany (escaping the French Revolution).

Well, what you see here is a much younger passport but not less interesting. A NS-Diplomatic passport in excellent condition issued 1940 in Berlin at the German Foreign Office. The bearer was Dr. Richard Breuer, German Attache at the German Embassy in Tokyo / Japan. All collectors know that this type of passport is extremely rare to find and this was one of the most expensive document I ever bought for my collection and I am happy to own it. His diplomatic passport has e.g. the following visas. Diplomatic visa MANCHURIAN Legislation in Germany (!), Chinese Diplomatic visa issued in Japan, other Russian and Chinese visas…Please find more details below including the biography of Dr. Breuer who past away in 2006 at age 94. You can find also other articles about NS diplomatic passports at my website.


Biography Breuer, Richard Dr.

born 2. 8.1912 London – died 2006, till 23.1.1953 also British National
Parents: Adam August B., Ophthalmologist; Bertha geb. Moehl ¥ 20.8.1953 Liselotte geb. Kubens; Children: Stephanie Eleonore (30.5.1954), Matthias (4.5.1956); College in Heidelberg till 1932; High School in Heidelberg 1932 -1936; Study in Berlin and Munich: Law, Sinology till 26.7.1934; Diploma in Chinese language at the Seminar for oriental languages in Berlin, 9.12.1936; State Examination, 4.3.1940 Dr.jur.; März 1937 – Aug. 1938; DAAD-Exchange Student in Tokyo, then till Jan. 1939 in USA, 13.1.1939 – 14.1.1940 Cultural Officer / Managing Director of the German-Japanese Society in Berlin.- 1935/36; Reiter-SA, 1.8.1938 NSDAP. 15. 1.1940 DA AA, Scientific Laborer, Press Department, till 30.11.

1. 6.1940 Attache
5.11.1940 B Tokyo, DA 25.12.
13. 8.1942 Vice Consul, Title of a Legationssekretär
Aug. 1947 Repatriation from Tokyo, 1948 – 1949 at the nordrheinwestfälischen Justizdienst; 1949 – 1953 employed as General Counsel and Legal Adviser at company Reichhold Chemicals Inc. in Paris and London. 21. 2.1953 Convocation into the Foreign Office, G, Beirut, Titel: Gesandtschaftsrat (Counselor), DA AA; 16.3., Abt. III (Countries), 7.4. – 9.5. Abt. V (Law), DA in Beirut 21.5 till 24.5.1956; 18. 6.1954 Gesandtschaftsrat (Counselor); 9. 4.1956 AA, Title: Legationsrat, DA 1.6., Abt. 3 (Countries), from 7.6. leading the office for Ostasien, Australien, Neuseeland since 1.7.1957 Ref. 710/Ostasien
8.10.1956 Legationsrat I.Kl.
4. 3.1960 Vortragender Legationsrat
9. 5.1960 B Madrid, Botschaftsrat, DA 1.6., bis 8.8.1966
11. 7.1960 Botschaftsrat I.Kl.
12. 7.1966 B Tokyo, DA 30.9., bis 11.7.1969
6.12.1967 Messenger
7. 8.1969 Ambassador in Kabul, Managing Director till June 1973
24. 4.1973 Consul General in Hong Kong, Managing Director till 1.8.1977
20. 6.1977 Retired

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