A Collectors Story – Rita Hayworth

A Collectors Story – Rita Hayworth. Some time ago there was a interesting item at a popular online auction website. The lot contains photographs and letters from Hollywood legend Rita Hayworth including a 1947 issued passport. I was contacting the seller as I wanted to purchase the passport only and made a decent offer. Unfortunately he refused to split the lot which should cost $950. Just these days I saw exactly the same passport at a auction house. The auction house made a excellent story around this document which attracts bidders. Well done.

Maybe I should have spend the $950 earlier. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose…


for $3287 + 20% buyers premium

14 Sep 2011

American film bombshell Rita Hayworth was born October 17, 1918. Trained as a dancer, she hit stardom as an actress with her appearance in The Strawberry Blonde (1941). She is best known for her performance in Charles Vidor’s Gilda (1946). Her career ended with Ralph Nelson’s The Wrath of God (1972). Hayworth died of Alzheimer’s disease on May 14, 1987.

But Hayworth had also met and fallen in love with Prince Ali Khan, whose father was the head of the Ismaili Muslims. A statesman and a bit of a playboy, Khan eventually served as Pakistan’s representative to the United Nations.

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