Passport Collectors Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam

Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam

After knowing Viet for some time by email I just had the chance to meet him this time at his home in Hanoi. Actually, he is not mainly a passports collector but a collector of Vietnam Army collectibles (Medals, Orders, Badges, Uniforms, Hat caps,…) and Vietnam postage stamps and banknotes. He has his own private museum in Hanoi and was frequently present with his collection/museum in the Vietnamese media especially in magazines/newspapers but also on TV sometimes. The collection from Viet is unique and he has excellent knowledge about this topic. I had the possibility to inspect several Vietnam passport types and I learned a lot about the different types. Some types I never saw in real till now like the Diplomatic model or early official version (see picture below). The time passed fast and Viet is a busy man. After 2 hours I left his home but not before I handed over a good bottle of Whisky. In return, I got some Vietnam passports. I really love to meet up with fellow collectors in person and always had a great time. Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam

Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam

Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam

The shown Vietnam passports, especially the early types as well as the diplomatic, are nowadays very hard to find. And if you find them, then they are mostly in terrible condition. Passport Collectors Meeting Vietnam



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