A well-traveled German Passport

German passportThe German passport of Herbert Kulp is an example for a well traveled document in the early 1960s. German craftmanship was world known and Herbert worked probably for one of the big German companies like Siemens etc. Well, he have seen places which were not usual to visit in the 60s.

Herbert was born in 1917 in Dorste/Osterrode and was most likely a soldier in WWII. The shown passport was issued in 1963 in Bangkok, valid for five years, and was once again extended for several month at the German consulate in Kuwait, in 1968. German passport

The first interesting entry we can find on page six, a handwritten entry in Thai language which translates as…

“The bearer previously held a German passport with the number 3694825 issued in Dinslaken on 17 Dec, 1952. He traveled into the Kingdom of Thailand by plane (HB-ICD) on 2 April, 1962 and was granted a temporary stay until 31 Dec, 1963. Then the passport expired and this one was issued. This entry was made my a Police Captain as proof of evidence.” German passport

Page nine shows another interesting entry. A British visa issued in Duesseldorf for a journey to Kuwait in 1964. The visa was issued “For and on behalf of his highness, the Amir of Kuwait“. To find such a visa nowadays is pretty rare.

The following pages are full of Kuwaiti entries/visas, plus twice a visa for Iraq issued in Kuwait. Imagine these destinations in the 1960s. It must have been a great experience/challenge for Herbert.

State of Kuwait passports are nowadays on demand with locals interested in the countries history. If these travel documents show up be sure you have to pay a solid price of several hundred dollars. I only had one in my collection, but not in great shape and I exchanged it with a fellow collector for a document which suits my collection focus – German passports.

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