Andorran Passport 1942 with color photo

Andorran Passport 1942 with a color passport photo

A beautiful and most rare passport I ever had gone into the collection of a passionate passport collector. You can’t have everything and my focus is on “German documents”. This Andorran passport was issued in 1942. Not only that this passport is already very rare but it has also a color picture of a pretty woman included which is pretty unusual for this time. Never ever before I saw a passport from the 1940s with a color(ized)  photography! Truly a unique document! The condition of the document is excellent. Well, now meet pretty Rosa…

Remember the passport photo is roughly just one hundred years in use. In the beginning, there were no passport photo rules. All allowed as long the photo was fitting on/in the passport. And exactly this makes a passport for me also so attractive as you can find sometimes very strange and unusual pictures of people. Sitting on a bench, on a horse, with a dog or with your favorite music instrument.

The foundation of virtually all practical color processes, the three-color method was first suggested in an 1855 paper by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell, with the first color photograph produced by Thomas Sutton for a Maxwell lecture in 1861. Color photography has been the dominant form of photography since the 1970s, with monochrome photography mostly relegated to niche markets such as art photography.

Andorran Passport color photo

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