Anna Pavlova • First Ballerina On World Tour

Anna Pavlova Passport Ballerina

Pavlova left the Imperial Ballet in 1913 to form her own company, with which she toured continuously from 1914 onward. The many stamps in this passport reflect her impact as an ambassador for the art and on aspiring dancers worldwide: including Australia, Peru, where Frederick Ashton saw Pavlova perform and immediately decided to become a dancer, Hong Kong, Shanghai, China, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, the United States, Venezuela, Canada, Mexico, and many others.

Pavlova, Anna Matveevna (also Pavlovna, 1881-1931). Her passport was used to perform in locations worldwide from 1914 to 1926.
With a photograph of Pavlova pasted in, signed by her across the top left corner. Issued in St Petersburg on 12 June 1914 and bearing various visas and stamps through to 03 September 1926. (Some wear and minor repairs, without one of the detachable leaves removed by an official to issue a document.) The original passport bound in green cloth extended once within these covers with additional leaves, the binding string fixed to the rear cover with red wax and the seal of the Russian General Consulate in London; extended a second time when the whole was bound in black roan (extremities rubbed, spine head chipped); housed in a custom grey cloth clamshell case. Anna Pavlova Passport Ballerina

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Anna Pavlova passport

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Anna Pavlova Passport Ballerina

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