Another Passport Collectors Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland

Knowing Edi more than 2 years we managed to meet up in Zurich and we spend a great time together to discuss our common desire – passport collecting. Edi is collecting since 1985 and has around 1000 travel documents in his collection and he is collecting just what he likes with no specific focus. He showed me some pretty collectibles and we spend 5 hours together including a nice lunch – time was flying. Edi did even extend his collection as he got several documents from me. In all the years I was able to meet up with around 20 collectors in person around the globe. It’s always a nice experience and my aim is to meet up with more.

Often I got asked to organize another international collectors meeting like we had 2012 in Berlin. I would love to do if we would get enough fellows together.

Here some pictures from from Edi’s collection. We missed to make a picture together.

 Switzerland1819_ParisSwitzerland 1819, French, issued in Paris

Switzerland_Wander book and passport1858Swiss Wander book & passport 1858, a journey of 3 years covering Switzerland and South Germany

Switzerland Bale city1911Swiss passport booklet 1911, Canton Bale city, traveling to Russia

Another Passport Collectors Meeting in Zurich, Switzerland

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