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Badeni Count Diplomat passport

The wedding of Alicja Ankarcrona and Ludwik Badeni

Ludwik Jozef Władysław Badeni, a Polish count and Austro-Hungarian diplomat, graced the world on either January 21 or March 16, 1873, in Żółkiew. He was the cherished son of Kazimierz Badeni, bearing the Boncza coat of arms, who held the esteemed position of Governor of Galicia, and Maria nee Skrzynska, belonging to the Zaremba coat of arms. Ludwik grew up in the nurturing embrace of his family estate in Busko, where he imbibed the teachings of Fr. Stefan Pawlicki and fervently practiced his Catholic faith.

Commencing his military service, he joined the cavalry reserve of the CK Army and was appointed as a cadet on January 1, 1896, subsequently rising to the rank of lieutenant. Assigned to the 11th Hussar Regiment in Steinamanger until around 1904, he later transitioned to the Central Committee of National Defense and attained the rank of lieutenant of horse troops in the inactive group on January 1, 1887. Between approximately 1904 and 1907, he served in the Uhlan Regiment No. 1 in Lviv. For the remainder of his life, he held the position of a cavalry lieutenant in the records of the Home Defense. Badeni Count Diplomat passport

In recognition of his contributions, Ludwik received the title of Imperial Chamberlain in 1897.

Embarking upon his diplomatic career, Ludwik embarked as a conceptual aspirant in the Central Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna. In 1898, he commenced his journey as an unpaid envoy attaché to the Austro-Hungarian embassy in Madrid. He was subsequently transferred to the embassy in London in 1900, followed by a posting to Paris within the same year. In 1903, he was assigned to the legation in Copenhagen and assumed the role of legation secretary. The year 1904 witnessed his relocation to Constantinople, and in 1908, he was assigned to the embassy at the papal throne in the Vatican. Between 1910 and 1911, he served as a legation secretary of the first category, bearing the title and rank of a legation counselor of the second category, at the Austro-Hungarian legation in Stockholm. On November 21, 1911, in the Roman Catholic Church of St. Eugenia in Stockholm, Ludwik exchanged vows with the Swedish Alicja Ankarcrona (1889-1985) in a ceremony solemnized by Bishop Albert Bitter. Subsequently, together with his wife, Ludwik bid farewell to Sweden, concluding his current position. He continued his diplomatic service in Brussels and held the formal designation of a legation counselor in 1913. As per the 1914 records, he was on leave. Badeni Count Diplomat passport

Unfortunately, a year after relocating to Brussels, Ludwik was afflicted by an incurable mental illness. He departed from this world on either November 10 or November 11, 1916, in Vienna. A funeral service honoring his life was conducted in the city on November 13, 1916. Ludwik and Alicja were blessed with a son named Kazimierz Stanisław (1912-2010), who later entered the Dominican Order and became known as Father Joachim Badeni (1912-2010). Alicja Badeni eventually remarried Karol Olbracht. Badeni Count Diplomat passport