Austrian passport issued in Shanghai

Austrian passport issued in Shanghai – Return from escape to Europe/USA

The Austrian passport is quite interesting as it was issued in 1948 in Shanghai. Its Jewish bearer was most likely fleeing from the Nazis. Shanghai was during the Nazi area, a safe harbor for Jews, at least for some time. But Shanghai also had a Jewish Ghetto from 1941-1945 during the Japanese occupation. His passport also shows a visa from Dec 1948 for the just founded State of Israel (May 1948).

Further we see border stamps from Switzerland, Greece, and Italy. Finally, a US immigration visa from 1954 and the US stamp from Dec 1954 proved he made it indeed to the USA. The passport was renewed and valid until 1958. Consular passports are always exciting, but this early post-war Austrian travel document issued in Shanghai, China is an extraordinary document of individual personal history and passport history.

Another interesting fact: The stamp on the inner cover page “SS TETI, 3rd class”.
The ship TETI was the first ship that arrived in the State of Israel, at the Tel Aviv anchorage, on the day of the Declaration of Independence. The overseas recruits & volunteers who were on board had been supplied with false visas produced by the “laboratory” of Ha’Mossad Le’Aliya Bet in France (this type of entry into Palestine was known as Aliya Daled). They did not need these visas now and entered the country legally.

At more in-depth research, I also found these documents the passport holder.

Austrian passport issued in Shanghai - Return from escape to Europe/USA

Boy Scout lot of seven items including identification papers for a scout in the Austrian Boy Scout Association. Advancement dates of 1929 through 1934. Includes patches, belt buckle, should board, stick pin, and badge. This Austrian Scout identity card is for Erwin Sachsenhaus, born on May 27, 1913, in Vienna, Austria. The inside of the card lists his Cub Scout Test having been passed on April 21, 1929, Second Class Scout Rank on April 33, 1933, and First Class rank on April 23, 1934, The Information on the card is certified and confirmed for the year 1937. According to his Boy Scout Shanghai Branch card (not displayed), he was a Rover Scout by 1933 and still living in Vienna. The Shanghai card further lists him as a founding member of the 13th Shanghai Group in October 1939.

Austrian passport issued in Shanghai - Return from escape to Europe/USA

A rare evidence of Jewish early post-war return from a refugee abroad due to the Nationalism and Holocaust into the Holy Land and in this case with final destination USA.



More about the Shanghai Ghetto here…

Austrian passport issued in Shanghai – Return from escape to Europe/USA



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