BREAKING: eBay has purged vintage passport sellers/collectors

eBay cleans up with vintage passport collectors

eBay has taken a firm stance on its policy regarding the sale of government IDs, and has effectively cleansed its platform of vintage passport collectors. This move has come as a surprise to many, as eBay has previously shown some leniency towards the sale of historical travel documents for collector purposes. However, this flexibility now seems to have come to an end, as sellers have reported canceled auctions and restrictions on listing new items.

The current numbers of vintage passport listings as per today:

UK = 2
US = 119
DE = 114
FR = 179

While otherwise in the past these numbers were significantly higher!

This action is not only a US specific issue but a global one!
Passport collectors – Quo Vadis?

The sale of vintage passports on eBay was generally allowed in the past, but there were certain restrictions and guidelines that must be followed. eBay prohibits the sale of any illegal or fake items, including fraudulent or altered passports. Additionally, the sale of passport components or blank passport pages is also prohibited.

Vintage passports that are sold on eBay must be genuine and legally obtained, and the seller must have the right to sell the item.

It’s important to note that laws and regulations regarding the sale of vintage passports vary by country, and eBay may enforce additional restrictions based on these laws. Before buying or selling vintage passports on eBay, it is important to familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

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  1. I have used e-bay for several years to build my collection of old British passports and I now have examples from 1850 onwards which I use to illustrate the development of the passport in talks I give on passport history. E-bay’s decision makes little sense in the absence of a sound reason for its ban.

    1. Hi Rob, I can only agree with you as there is no harm to offer 50 or 100 years old outdated vintage travel documents. But eBay do what they want. We only can accept it. Btw, I never got so many and instant feedback as on this issue. For “sellers” being depended on eBay it’s a disaster. Cheers, Tom

  2. ok, the rules are getting stricter and stricter…
    like everything in the modern world…
    what reliable platform does exist now to sell passports (and modern passports especially) ?
    delcampe is not suitable for it

    1. I am not aware of any online platforms for collectors of modern/ recent travel documents as I do not want them.

      Selling/buying current passports, especially if they are still valid and not cancelled, is illegal as they might be used fraudulently.

      Clearly canceled current types might be ok for collection/historical purpose.

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