British Diplomat who faced down the Gestapo in Frankfurt

British Diplomat Gestapo

Robert Smallbones, with his wife, Inga

Were it not for him, Baroness Rabbi Julia Neuberger might not have been born, nor Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, nor thousands of other British Jews. The name of Robert Smallbones will be unfamiliar to many. For only now has the British diplomat finally begun to receive recognition for his efforts to pluck Jews out of Nazi Germany.

Rabbis Neuberger and Wittenberg both had grandparents who, thanks to a secret visa scheme he instigated as the British consul-general in Frankfurt, were able to escape to Britain.

He and his vice-consul, Arthur Dowden, were posthumously honored by the British government as “Holocaust Heroes”. Read the full story…

Source: Diplomat who faced down the Gestapo | The Jewish Chronicle

British Diplomat Gestapo

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