From time to time I offer selected historical passports / travel documentsfrom my archive so you can enrich your own collection! 

All documents are obsolete and/or canceled & for research and collection only!

Outstanding offers from a fellow collector

British Prime Minister Callaghan Passport At Auction

Dear passport collector, This SPECIAL newsletter offers some great documents which might fit well into your fine collection. All documents are from a fellow collector who asked me for support by making his doubles available to a broader audience. So, don’t…

Upper Silesia Plebiscite Passport 1921 Issued In Rybnik

Upper Silesia Plebiscite Passport 1921 Issued In Rybnik

The Upper Silesia plebiscite was a plebiscite mandated by the Versailles Treaty and carried out on 20 March 1921 to determine a section of the border between Weimar Germany and Poland. The region was ethnically mixed with both Germans and Poles; according to prewar statistics, ethnic Poles formed 60…

Small collection for you – SALE !

  FROM MY ARCHIVE … 4 cancelled and obsolete passports, Cyprus 🇨🇾 1983, Malta 🇲🇹 1986 (w/o passport picture), Spain 🇪🇸 1981 and Thailand 🇹🇭 2011. I am happy to send you more details on request. $75 incl. S&H All documents are obsolete / canceled and for research…

Passport Collection For Sale

Collection Of Old Passports $850

Another Passport Collection Available – 52 Documents Here comes another passport collection from a fellow collector. 52 different documents. Only the complete collection, no cherry picking. NOW at $850 $950 plus shipping! See list and gallery. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE…

Papua New Guinea Passport SPECIMEN 1970s

Papua New Guinea Passport SPECIMEN

Papua New Guinea Passport Specimen This Papua New Guinea Passport SPECIMEN is very rare to find! The passport cover says Australia but then the first page identify s it´s bearer as Papua New Guinean this due the fact that Papua…