Chiune Sugihara UNESCO Project

Chiune Sugihara UNESCO Project


Yaotsu, Gifu prefecture, Japan – Sugihara’s birthplace, where also the Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall is located

As you may know, UNESCO’s Memory of the World Program is a United Nations initiative to safeguard the documentary heritage of humanity. Our hope is to win this status for records documenting the deeds of Sugihara’s mass visa issuance in Kaunas Lithuania in 1940. We believe that it should be properly preserved and passed on to future generations.


The current situation of the Sugihara UNESCO project is as follows. We are editing the nomination form for UNESCO and will finish soon. We will submit it to the Government of Japan by the 19th of May, and the Foreign Ministry of Japan will transfer it to the UNESCO headquarters in Paris by the end of May.

We have reached out to about 100 families who received visas from Sugihara and related organizations around the world, such as the USA, Israel, Poland, Australia, Greece, Canada, and others. 16 families, seven museums, and organizations still preserve the original Sugihara visa. Now we are negotiating with these Museums, Organizations, and families to collaborate on our nomination, and concluded an agreement with half of them.

I support the project and I am glad that I could contribute to the project. The numbers above confirm how rare Sugihara’s documents are nowadays. Of 100 families that reached out ONLY 16 had still such documents.

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