Collectors Meeting In Bangkok II

Bangkok, 2013 Collectors meeting Bangkok
It is always a delightful experience to come together with fellow collectors who share a passion for the unique and the historical. On this particular occasion, I had the exquisite opportunity to rendezvous with Scott amidst the vibrant cityscape of Bangkok. Our acquaintance, cultivated over a couple of years through the exchange of electronic correspondence, culminated in an eagerly anticipated face-to-face encounter.

collectors meeting bangkok

Hailing from the United States, Scott’s realm of interest orbits around the acquisition of pre-1919 US sheet passports and consular documents, each a tangible fragment of an era gone by. Amidst the ambiance of a Thai culinary feast, our discourse flowed effortlessly as we delved into the intricacies of our mutual fascinations. Collectors meeting Bangkok

Scott’s journey as a collector, which commenced in 1998, has rendered him an authority on the subject matter, particularly within the domain of US passports and their historical evolution. Evidencing his ardor, he tastefully presents his acquisitions within carefully curated frames, adorning the walls of his abode. Undeniably, this mode of presentation encapsulates the quintessence of appreciation for these treasures, effectively combining aesthetic enjoyment with their proud exhibition. Collectors meeting Bangkok

During our delightful repast, I had the privilege of contributing to the augmentation of Scott’s assemblage. A splendid addition was imparted by me—a 1914 US Special passport, resplendently issued in Berlin, graced his collection. This exquisite piece, preserved in impeccable condition, bore testament to the allure of bygone times.

As the evening transpired, Scott’s company proved to be a source of camaraderie and intellectual enrichment. Expressing my heartfelt gratitude, I extend my appreciation for the splendid evening we shared. The pleasure of our meeting, Scott, was unequivocally mine.