Passport Collectors Meeting in Hong Kong & Bangkok

Again I had the chance to meet up with a new fellow collector in Hong Kong. JC is collecting modern passports and has a very nice collection. When we met I could see such passports like Vanuatu, San Marino (biometric), Hong Kong (biometric), Bangladesh (diplomatic), Kazakhstan (biometric) just to mention some outstanding documents of his collection.

But I was also lucky to find a few old passports in the small antique stores in Sheung-Wan area. However the HK-dealers are very strict on their prices and there is almost no room for negotiation. I hope to hear more from one of these sellers as he told he has some very nice old Chinese passports in good condition.

My second meeting was with Henk at the Novotel Hotel at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. We have meet several times and we always have a good chat about our common interests. I handed over some passports he bought earlier with me and we enjoyed a dinner together.

I am always very glad to meet fellow collectors in person which always is tightening the relationship.

So far I have met 20+ passport collectors in person. Compared to the total numbers of fellow collectors (200+ on my newsletter), the personal contact is of course very limited but I hope to increase this number in future.

Last week I was also staying in Kuala Lumpur for a few days and it turn’s out that my host of the apartment there was a former Malaysian Diplomat in Moscow for more than 2 years. I kindly asked him if it is possible to see the diplomatic passports of his entire family (5 persons) and he followed my wish, so I can display here also the latest 2 models of a Malaysian Diplomatic passports. Thank you for your kind support, Syah.