Collectors Meeting in London

collectors meeting in london

collectors meeting in london

I spend a great time with my fellow collectors Ed and Brian during my trip to London where I met also interesting people like William (†) and Danny. An English lady came all the way from Brighton to show me a lot of 16 UK family passports from the 30s to the 80s. The largest family collection of passports I ever saw. I recommended her to contact my friend Ed as he is into UK passports. However, I had a nice chat with her for two hours. Another random contact just days before I departed to London was with another William who read some of my articles and he wanted to send me his father’s UK passport for scanning as it has interesting stamps/visas too. We arranged it in that way that he was sending the documents to his friend ark in London, Oxford Street and I would pick it up for scanning. Unfortunately, I had a flight cancellation that day and was late at all my meetings so I needed to skip to meet Mark. But he was very supportive and made some pics for me and sent them already to me. Thank you William & Mark for all your efforts. collectors meeting in london

With Ed, I spent a nice evening at a pub and a Sunday afternoon trip to a local flea market. Ed is running also a website about passports – please visit his site at where he is displaying all his passports (around 500). Ed will be present most possible at our Berlin event and might tell us something about border stamps. (His website is now obsolete, May 2020).

On Monday I met Brian, a collector I knew for some time. We had a nice chat during lunch at London’s Financial District. He got a few UK passports from me. Unfortunately, he will be in the US during our event. collectors meeting in londoncollectors meeting in london

It`s fantastic to meet up with fellow collectors as the discussion is much more vivid than just by email. So I can say I had already an international collectors meeting in London these days.

Thank you all for taking the time to meet up with me.



  1. It is very interesting to read about your meeting with all fellow collectors and spending nice time.
    I’m new in this collection and have short knowledge about it,As I’m From Bangladesh and also interested in Fiscal collection So I look in Passport stamps to gather and richer my collection.I have some Passport which Holders used to Work in Kuwait and escape from there after Iraq invasion .
    Need info how to preserve them and what is the value of it?
    Hope you can advice well !

    Have a nice day

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