Collectors Meeting in London

Collectors Meeting London

Collectors Meeting London
Edward, Danny, and Tom

During my journey to London, I had the distinct pleasure of spending quality time with my esteemed fellow collectors, Ed and Brian. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city not only facilitated our interactions but also brought me into contact with other intriguing individuals such as the late William and Danny.

One particularly remarkable encounter was with an English lady who ventured from Brighton to share a treasure trove of 16 UK family passports spanning the decades from the 1930s to the 1980s. It was, undoubtedly, the most extensive family passport collection I had ever laid eyes upon. Collectors Meeting London

Recognizing the expertise of my friend Ed in the realm of UK passports, I recommended she establish contact with him. Despite this, a congenial conversation between us ensued, lasting a full two hours, as we delved into the intricacies of her collection.

In the days leading up to my departure for London, a fortuitous correspondence unfolded with yet another William, who had perused my articles and expressed an eagerness to contribute his father’s UK passport for scanning. Our arrangement dictated that he would entrust the documents to his associate Ark, stationed in the heart of London on Oxford Street. Collectors Meeting London

My commitment, however, was impeded by a flight cancellation, disrupting my schedule and compelling me to forgo a meeting with Mark. In a display of unwavering support, Mark admirably stepped in, capturing images of the documents and promptly forwarding them to me. To both William and Mark, I extend heartfelt gratitude for their gracious efforts.

Engaging in the company of Ed was nothing short of delightful, culminating in a convivial evening at a local pub, followed by a leisurely Sunday excursion to a nearby flea market. Ed’s involvement extends to his website,, which once showcased his impressive collection of approximately 500 passports.

His anticipated presence at our forthcoming Berlin event is a prospect to savor, as he holds the potential to regale us with insights about border stamps. (Please note that as of May 2020, his website is no longer active.) Collectors Meeting London

Collectors Meeting London
Brian & Tom

My encounter with Brian, a familiar collector with whom I had crossed paths previously, was equally pleasant. Over a leisurely lunch in London’s Financial District, we engaged in an animated dialogue. Brian acquired a few UK passports from my collection, solidifying our shared interest. Regrettably, he will be absent during our upcoming event due to prior commitments in the United States.

The experience of convening with fellow collectors transcends the realm of electronic correspondence, injecting vitality into discussions that would otherwise remain confined to email threads.

Thus, it is with immense satisfaction that I can affirm having participated in an international collector’s gathering within the heart of London. To all those who extended their time and hospitality, I express my profound gratitude. Collectors Meeting London

Looking forward with eagerness to our next rendezvous in BERLIN…