Collector’s meeting in Prague

Vladimir & Tom, Prague, May 2023

Vladimir is mainly a banknote collector but also has an extensive collection of passports, focusing on Austria-Hungary and Czech Republic and it’s predecessor states. We know each other as collectors for 2-3 years. Vladimir was so kind to pick me up with his car at my place at Prague city center. We drove 40 minutes to his beautiful flat in the suburbia of Prague. His wife made especially a delicious cake and we had a tea together. Collector’s meeting Prague

I was much impressed to see his collection spanning the years 1565 until 1990s. 400+ years of passport history. Vladimir is also a master of his own family history, which goes back until the 16th century. His banknote collection and knowledge is also vast and he contributed his knowledge to notable literature for Czech banknote history. There are banknotes only a very few collectors own, Vladimir is one of them.

But back to passports…
Not only has he a large collection, as mentioned before, but also archives his documents very orderly in folders and binders. Including relevant description of the passports. Here are some selected examples of Vladimir’s collection. The highlight is surely a passport of Rudolph II, King of Bohemia, from 1565. Indeed a museums piece. Collector’s meeting Prague

This is the first passport type of the new republic. The bearer in this case was Frantisek Blanda, going to Russia via Japan to check the Gold reserves of the state after the war. Collector’s meeting Prague

Dutch East-Indies 1907, Mekka passport
Fantastic passport Paris, 1816 for a young Prince Windischgraez. A museums piece!





Passport Rudolph II of Bohemia 1565
A masterpiece! Rudolph II, King of Bohemia 1565!

I appreciate our meeting greatly, Vladimir. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. As always, our conversations about our shared passion make time fly by. Thank you my friend. Collector’s meeting Prague