Again I could meet my fellow collector in Singapore where we spend time together discussing about travel documents at the German restaurant “Brotzeit” where we start our meeting. This time I had also the chance to see his collection which is not only a large one with many quality and rare items but also well archived. It is already the fourth passport collectors meeting in Singapore.

Due to the climate in Singapore it is recommendable to store the valuable and rare collectibles in a climate cabinet. But also his other treasures are very well stored in boxes and binders. My fellow is documenting his acquisitions and he can tell you in most cases when and for which price etc… a item came into his collection. I was previously talking about such documentation in another article at my website. I believe every serious collector should have such records. I do the same for my collection.

It is always a pleasure to meet him as we understand each other needs and share the same philosophy of passport collecting. We support each other in our collection topics and also this time we exchanged some interesting documents. You know how it is when you discussing your items of desire – time is flying and I left his place in the evening to meet him again at the next day for a joined visit at the local market.

This Sunday was starting with solid rain which is normal for this season in Singapore but that couldn’t refrain us to visit the market which is a inside market. He was introducing me to some of the dealers and I could also purchase some nice items for a fair price. Of course I wasn’t expecting to find a German passport but there was one issued in the 1970s in Singapore unfortunately heavily clipped (to make the document obsolete). After an hour I headed to the airport with some early and nice Singapore and Malaysian travel documents.The shown travel documents are from my fellows collection and I thought it might be interesting for readers to see them as they are not that common. Enjoy the pictures…

Palestine types

The difference is the manufacturer and the type of the coat of arms. TDLR is Thomas De La Rue.

Marshall Islands

Rare Marshall Islands, Italian ID card for Germans and a Polish passport with Siam visa.

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