Collectors Meeting in Zürich

It is always great to meet up with fellow collectors and to share stories and experience. Today I met Guido who works as pastor in a small Swiss community. We first met some months ago at a local flea market where I made promotion for passport collecting. Guido is a true specialist in records and email signs. He alrady had collected a few old passports but I belive since we met I could increase his desire on passports. We had a nice chat and a good cofffee and we could exchange 2 passports. Yes, exchange – no money involved. So he got from me a Greece diplomatic passport 1989 and I got in return a Austrian diplomatic (machine readable) issued 1996 and two times extended till 2010.  This passport in red cover has 36 pages and is full of visas from Chile, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, India, Buthan, Malta, Argentina, Nepal, Brasil, China, Vietnam, Egypt, Cambodia, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Czech Republic. The bearer, Dr. Dietrich Bukowski was Attache in Russia and Ambassador Extraordinary /Plenipotentiary in China. He past away at age 79 on April 12th 2011.

Thank you Guido for the nice meeting and the exchange. Be both are more happy now…

Remark: Austria has currently a public affair on diplomatic passports. Foreign minister Michael Spindelegger admitted in an interview that Austria issued a unsusual high amount of diplomatic passports, much more than other EU countries. The foreign office is stating 2500(!) of such passports. The reason is/was that politicians not longer in function or retiered could still hold and renew their diplomatic passports.  This is now cancelled and such politicians have 3 month time to return the diplomatic passport.

One diplomatic passport of Bukowski was sold at eBay recently (321€ / $423 – seems somebody needed this item badly!), another diplomatic (same type, also issued to Bukowski) has Guido and I do have now the 3rd one of Bukowski. Guido was lucky to found this 2 diplomatic passports at a fleamarket in Vienna for a very reasonable price.

And here is the gallery. Enjoy!

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